Jake Thompson

We watched this guy for the past decade scrap his way to the top through determination, purpose, brilliant creativity and a love for the craft. All the accolades and awards (too many to mention) were earned not given. We are letting Jake choose our artistic direction with his unique and creative style. Good things to come.

See Jake’s amazing work “Green is the New Punk” in our galleries.

Follow Jake on Instagram @jakethompsonhair

Jeremy McDougle

Jeremy’s vision is one of a kind with his clean, new, minimalist look for CULT+KING which absolutely complements our “less is more” approach and natural products.

See Jeremy’s unique work “Unscene” in our galleries, including some photos from the shoot by Jake Thompson

Follow Jeremy on Instagram @mcdougle86

Cult+King hand selects a new artistic director every year to keep pushing and innovating the industry. Stay tuned for the next artistic director in 2018.