How to Enter Your Bank Info For Cash Commission Deposits.

Dear friends,

Switching our HELLA AWESOME program from store credit to cash payout has meant that all our wholesale accounts have had to log into the wholesale dashboard and enter their bank or debit card info in order to receive automatic cash payout commission deposits.  Sorry for the extra task on your Things-to-do list, and thanks to all the wholesalers who have completed the set-up and are receiving regular bank deposits from us.  We are thrilled to send it to you.

Meanwhile as of today, there are still about 700 wholesale accounts that have not entered their banking info into the system and about $40,000 in cash that we want to send to them. We’re not going to rest until every single person has the commissions they are due. That’s just how we roll. (If you’ve received an email or IG DM from us saying “you have unpaid commissions we want to ACH to you, please log into and enter your bank info,” it’s not a scam.)

To help in any way we can, below are detailed instructions on how to enter your bank info:


  • This is different than the payment methods you may have saved in the shopping cart. The commission Payouts Service is a completely separate system. We are not able to send cash deposits into your saved payment accounts, plus some users have a dozen saved payment methods on file, so how would we even know which one to send it to?
  • Have your account information on hand before you begin. Typos or guesses cause lengthy delays.
  • Maybe use a desktop or laptop computer (versus mobile), just to better assure success on the first try.

Step 1:  Create a Payouts Service Account:

In order for affiliates to be paid through the Payouts Service, each active affiliate needs to first register for a Payouts Service account. Log into the Wholesale Dashboard > Click “Enter Banking Info for Affiliate Commission Cash Payout”.

On the next screen, affiliates are shown a registration form if they have not yet registered. The information entered into this form should be that of the person who is the owner of the  CULT+KING wholesale account/affiliate account that you are logged into.
Fill out and submit the form by pressing “Register for Payouts Service.”  You are now registered with the Payouts Service to receive Cash Payouts.

Step 2:  Submit the Bank Account or Debit Card Details of where you wish your commissions to be deposited.

After you press the “Register for Payouts Service” button, you will be taken to a new screen that looks like this. There may be a bit of a delay before this screen pops up, because the system is actually connecting to a secure area on Stripe for you to enter your confidential data.  Be patient and give it a moment to load. We can’t send you the money until this second step is completed.  Also, you may have to disable pop-up blockers to see this screen.
For Account Holder Name, be sure to enter the exact name listed on the account, which you can find on bank statements or checks.
Once payment details are submitted successfully, you will be returned to the Affiliate Settings Area on your Wholesale Dashboard and shown a screen like this (with your payment account details added):

Changing your Bank or Debit Card Details in the Future:

If at any time you want to change the bank account or debit card attached to your account, click the link shown after “Want to change your payout method?” That will send you an email with instructions on how to change your payout destination.

Issues with your Payment Details? PLEASE look for Emails from Payout Service:

If all data entered does not match exactly the data on your bank or debit account, Payouts Service/Stripe may reject or delay the transfer pending additional information or verification from you. They want to be sure they are depositing the money in the correct account. Additionally, your own bank may have requirements about these deposits before Stripe is allowed to transfer the money. Check your email for these types of questions or requests.
CULT+KING is not notified of routine requests by Payouts Service/Stripe, so we can’t prompt you about an issue.  We only become aware when the deposit is escalated to “failed,” which can take several weeks.

Hope this helps. As always, all feedback and questions are welcomed.