Big reduction in shipping costs at CULT+KING.

Rejoice!  Effective immediately, we now offer a choice of two shipping methods on all orders: UPS Ground, and US Mail.  This applies to both retail and wholesale orders.  

We love our UPS guy.  He picks up a piles of boxes every day, always so perky, a little accident prone maybe, but overall a really good dude.  The problem is his company’s rates, which are BRUTAL for small orders. Between the residential delivery surcharge, the remote area surcharge and the fuel surcharge… it costs less to ship 20 pounds to a commercial address in Oakland then it does to ship one pound to a residential address a mile away.

But those days are gone. Now our affection will be shared with our new friend, the postal worker, who we haven’t met yet but we’re sure is very perky as well.

From today forward, it’s going to be a little easier to spread healthy, non-toxic beauty to scalps, cells, skins and follicles everywhere!

Photo:  Shout to our Shipping Manager Dave for making it happen. He’s hard-working, kind and also the drummer for I Hear Sirens.