Project Description

“Green is the New Punk”

Artistic Director Jake Thompson |  Created exclusively for CULT+KING | July , 2016

Punk started with the ideals of anti-corporate culture/corruption, freedom, and non-conformity.  We think style comes from the 18 year old girl who cuts her hair before a show, not the Kardashians and Hollywood.  The models’ hair was lived in, actually slept in literally.  Most hair pictures are a perfect moment in time that is not real life.  We wanted our hair real life and a little undone. 

Creative Director/Stylist/Photographer  |   Jake Thompson  |   @jakethompsonhair
Stylist/Videographer  |   Jeremy Mcdougle  |   @mcdougle86
Wardrobe  |   Rachael Lorene Domingo with MOTH styling  |   @rachaeldomingo
Assistant Wardrobe  |   Logan Pretorius with MOTH styling  |   @Pretoriuz
Makeup Artist  |   Kris Kai’a Pfeiffer with MOTH styling  |   @ihorei
Make up and stills photography | Michelle Gordon
Barber   |   Chloe Dimond
Model  |   Alex Finch
Model  |   Daniel Palmer
Model  |   Catarina Taylor
Model  |   Isaiah Boutwell
Model  |   
Sydney Perkins   |   @sraex
Logistics/Beer  |   Jared Briggs
Videographer   |   John Gordon

Hi-Res versions of these photos are available to our Dealers and media outlets. Please contact