Saying it’s Black doesn’t do it justice. It’s sure not Basic Black. Maybe we should say Shiny Black. Whatever you call it, we can’t take our eyes off it.  It’s light weight with perfect tension, made of aluminum alloy for strength, with our distinctive logo moulded right in.  A metal comb that never melts and never breaks makes it just that much easier to say goodbye to throwaway culture.  Buying cheap stuff and throwing it away feels terrible, doesn’t it?  Rise above.
A word about comb care and Barbicide: To preserve your comb when cleaning it in Barbicide, please follow manufacturer recommendations for solution strength (2 oz. of Barbicide for 32 oz. of water, or 6.25%) and contact time (10 minutes).  Barbicide can be reactive to the metal finish on our combs.  Honestly Barbicide and especially Barbicide Plus are very strong chemicals (DIMETHYL BENZYL AMMONIUM CHLORIDE) that will take the finish off anything if left in long enough.  Also 6.25% is not a lot of Barbicide.  If you follow the Barbicide instructions, your comb will last you a lifetime.