CULT+KING® Professional Barber’s Straight Razor with 100 CULT+KING® Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades in Keepsake Box. This is a limited edition razor–only 1,000 made–and comes with a hand-numbered card verifying authenticity.

NOTE: This is a Barber’s Straight Razor for shaving. It is not intended to be a Styling Straight Razor for hair-cutting.

Most shavettes are small, poorly made cheap plastic, and yet professional barbers are forced to use them every day on every single shave they do. We have created a straight razor for the personal or professional shave enthusiast that combines quality, substance and style.  Good weight and hand-feel for maximum shaving satisfaction and control. Ergonomic design provides balance and a nice grip that helps you control the shave, and results in less nicks and cuts. Very easy to insert the blades in the handle. Adjustable screws on handle allow for easily adjustable tension. Blade folds into the handle for safety.

No Stone or Strop, this razor has recyclable, interchangable blades to keep it practical and sanitary.  Fully custom with a rosewood handle, stainless steel pin design, and “Iron and Water” alchemic symbols on the screws. Shavette-style for the professional barber and shave enthusiast. With black matte metal blade and innovative reinforced bracket design ensures years of use. Ergonomically designed with good weight and hand feel. Includes Box of 100 CULT+KING™ Platinum DE (Double Edge) Safety Razor Blades.

Why use a replaceable-blade shavette instead of a disposable razor?  •  Look cool. Impress yourself.  •  Save money. Replacement blades cost less than new disposable razors.  •  Better for your skin.  Less razor burn and fewer shave bumps. Shaving with a 3-to-5-blade disposable razor irritates your skin, and you need to press harder on your skin to use it.  •  The shaves last longer.  Instead of every day, you can shave every other day.  •  It’s easier to shave off a thick beard, because hair doesn’t get caught between the blades during the shave. •  It’s more environmentally friendly, because disposable razors cannot be recycled. Disposable razors also create a lot of single-use plastic waste.

Care instructions:  For home users: Rinse in warm water.  For professional use: Soak the black metal blade in Barbicide between uses. The entire razor can be dismantled for a deep clean.

Manufacturer:  Alkhemy LLC |  Brand:  CULT+KING