C+K SAMPLER | 8 Great Items + Canvas Tote | Includes Shipping


C+K SAMPLER | 8 Great Items in Generous Sample Sizes + a Cool Canvas Tote | Includes Free Shipping

We know our products sell themselves, so we created the Sample Kit to give people a chance to feel the difference of Cult+King. The Sample Kit includes one sample each of many of our products:

CULT+KING BALM |  For Skin, Shave, Hair, The Works | 1 oz. Bamboo Jar

CULT+KING HAIR POWDER LIGHT | Natural, talc-free, non-aerosol, silky dry shampoo | 0.25 oz. Aluminum Shaker

CULT+KING HAIR POWDER DARK | Our dry shampoo for dark hair uses cocoa, literally | 0.25 oz. Aluminum Shaker

CULT+KING Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades  |  box of 5

CULT+KING POMADE | 0.5 oz. Tin

CULT+KING SETSPRAY | Our hairspray works on wet and dry hair, with a heat protectant, anti-frizz and restorative vitamins |  1 oz.  Spray Pump Bottle

CULT+KING TONIK | Spray-in, Leave-In, Light-Hold Conditioner & Scalp Potion |  1 oz. Spray Pump Bottle

CULT+KING WASH | Natural, Botanical, Cold-Pressed Shampoo Bar & Face/Body Wash | 1 oz. Bar in Paper Sleeve

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