CULT+KING™ Platinum DE (Double Edge) Safety Razor Blades Box of 100.  A dream-come true blade that offers up a near-perfect combination of sharpness and smoothness, with high consistency from blade to blade. Forged with the finest stainless steel, then platinum-coated with micro precision edges for the smoothest of shaves for any skin or beard type.

These highest quality blades fit ALL standard double edge safety razors. Each blade is individually wax paper wrapped, then paper wrapped, and then packed in a sealed box of five blades. Twenty five-blade boxes are in each 100-blade box. Blades easily snap in half with fingers for insertion into most standard shavettes.

Save the planet while you save your face from razor burn.  Highest Quality stainless steel, platinum coated, micro-precision edges. Universal blades fit all standard double edge safety razors. Good for the master barber or the beginner. Simple paper packaging is environmentally friendly.  Single-blade shaving is better for your skin, better for the planet and more economical.

We took the best razor blades in the world and added an amazing laser-printed design, because why not? We want to be sure you don’t mistake our blades for anyone else’s.

Manufacturer: Alkhemy LLC | Brand: CULT+KING