CULT+KING™ Safety Razor with 100 CULT+KING™ Double Edge Blades. Save your skin. Save the Earth. Some cash. Made of rust-proof antiqued alloy to give the razor a heavy weight so you can use the weight of the razor to shave, not the pressure you’re applying to your skin to make the razor work. With a butterfly opener that’s easy to clean and change blades with no clogging hair and an adjustable razor angle. Join the return to single-blade shaving. Five-bladed disposable razors were created by marketers, not barbers. Single-blade shaving reduces irritation, in-grown hairs and razor burn. Enjoy to the ritual of shaving; slow down a bit using our razor. Take time for introspection and living in the moment. We inscribes our razors with a call to action to live each day to your maximum potential:  “Memento Mori.”

THREE REASONS TO SAY GOODBYE TO DISPOSABLE RAZOR SHAVING. (1) Five-bladed disposable razors get clogged with hair, and collect bacteria and dirt. Shaving over and over with these blades introduces bacteria into the process, creating problems for skin. (2) Disposable razors are expensive with a mark up of almost 5000%. One box of double edge blades will last a daily shaver one year. (3) Disposable razors are a fusion of plastic and metal that cannot be recycled. CULT+ BLADES double edge blades are highest quality and infinitely recyclable.

Manufacturer: Alkhemy LLC | Brand: CULT+KING