We are currently working on a new Limited Edition Hair Razor.  The once-in-a-lifetime Shou Sugi Ban Hair Razor will not be restocked. 

CULT+KING® Limited Edition Shou Sugi Ban Hair Razor in Keepsake Box. A once-in-a-lifetime, limited-edition unguarded hair cutting razor for professional use. Hand-sanded, hand-charred, fully-custom, hand-brushed and hand-oiled, made using the esoteric Japanese shou sugi ban method of chemical-free treatment of cedar wood.  This is a limited edition razor–only 1,200 were produced–and comes with a hand-numbered card verifying authenticity.

UNGUARDED | Guarded razors unnecessarily stress hair; it’s like cutting with dull scissors. Unguarded is the purest form of razor cutting.  PERFECT BALANCE Other razors are balanced between the razor and the handle. We shifted our pivot point from the middle to the tang for improved cutting ergonomics. Less stress on your hand and wrist. Balance from back to the front is even.  INDIVIDUALLY HAND-FINISHED SHOU SUGI BAN | This limited edition razor is hand-sanded, hand-charred, fully-custom, hand-brushed and hand-treated with organic oils.  It is built to last a lifetime.   Shou Sugi Ban is an ancient chemical-free technique using flame or fire to char wood, making it waterproof, fire-proof, insect-proof, and hardened for an aesthetically beautiful finish without the varnishes and turpentines used in most wood finishing. The oldest wood building in the world – the Hōryū-ji Temple in Japan – was constructed using the shou sugi ban technique in 711 AD. We are obsessed with shou sugi ban, and created this razor as our own homage.  THE TRUE ESSENCE OF HAIR DRESSING | Unguarded razor cutting creates bespoke, crafted haircuts with movement and softness. It’s the mark of a great stylist.  PROFESSIONAL TRAINING STRONGLY SUGGESTED |  Get professional training before using this tool on a beloved client’s hair. CULT+KING® offers on-site hair cutting razor training at salons across the country. Check out UPCOMING EVENTS for details.  BLADES NOT INCLUDED.  A WORD ABOUT INSERTING BLADES  Use Feather Plier® blades. Insert blades arrow pointing in with dry hands, carefully. Though this is a highly beautiful tool used in the action-packed salon setting, always pause and respect the sharp razor blade you are inserting. Most people change blades between haircuts. You do not need to soak the razor in Barbicide between cuts.  CARING FOR OUR HAIR CUTTING RAZOR  |  Rubbing oil on the wood every couple of months will keep the wood moisturized. Use a natural, non-petroleum, botanical oil like olive oil, grape seed oil, or any oil you would find in your kitchen, not an oil you would find in your garage. Put a drop of clipper/scissor oil in the split in the spine where you install the blade every couple of months to help keep the blade sliding in and out smoothly during replacement.

Here Jared shows you one way to safely remove a blade:  https://www.instagram.com/p/BrEUwoOlHzq/

Manufacturer:  Alkhemy Inc.| Brand:  CULT+KING®