CULT+KING™ The Ex Nihilo Tool Roll in Black / Army Grey.  This is made of nothing, and that’s one of the reasons we love it. “Ex Nihilo” is the Latin phrase for “out of nothing.” The full phrase embossed on the flap, “Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit” or “out of nothing comes nothing” has been argued, written about and spoken of by everyone from the ancient Greek cosmologist and founder of metaphysics Parmenides, to Homer, Hawking and Lovecraft. Even Captain von Trapp and Christoper Robin have weighed in.

The other reason we love it is because it’s like no other tool roll you may ever see again, once this batch is sold.

Inspired by his 1971 vintage BMW, which remarkably still retained its original roll-up tool kit in wonderful condition after 45 years, Jared decided to create a bespoke professional tool kit for himself and his hairstylist, barber and MUA friends. Naturally, given the CULT+KING ethos, it had to be constructed of “nothing.” Thus began the lengthy quest not only to design it, but also to find and reclaim waste materials that could be upcycled into a tool roll that would last for the ages. At long last, voila!

These one-of-a-kind tool rolls were created in Jared’s own design out of obsolete but sturdy canvas military tents and old scraps of used leather on its way to the landfill. We brightened them up with eco-friendly vegetable dye and added lead-free metal fittings to create a unique tool roll with a distinctive vintage look and a clear conscience. With many pockets to hold barber, stylist and make-up artist tools of all sizes.

Because of the nature of this item, each one is different. It looks like it’s been around forever, and it will be.

Manufacturer: Alkhemy LLC | Brand: CULT+KING