TONIK  aluminum refills bottles are back… with a twist.  A new 6 fl. oz. refill bottle was added to the website this morning.  This size bottle will refill a TONIK bottle ONE TIME.  MSRP is $26.00 each. Wholesale price is $13.00 each.

Our beautiful pyramid-shaped 12 oz. TONIK refill bottles are MIA somewhere in the supply chain, so we put together this new option.  The 12 fl. oz. two-refill pyramids will return, maybe next week, next month, Thanksgiving? We are at the mercy of global commerce.

In the meantime, this option will allow everyone to get their TONIK on.  AND there have been some wholesale accounts requesting a permanent 6 fl. oz. TONIK Refill for its lower price, so maybe it’s kismet.  Your feedback on this question is welcomed!

(Speaking of global commerce, did you know that Ukraine is one of the TOP TWO sources in the world for Sunflower Oil? Which is putting quite a squeeze on raw oils sourcing worldwide as everyone tries to find Sunflower or reformulate/switch to something else. Everything is related to everything else.)