“Good for Small Business” is just as much a part of our ethos as “Good for your Body” and “Good for the Planet.” Learn about the benefits of being a CULT+KING Authorized Retailer.

CULT+KING is a completely different, gorgeous new line of wonder-working, natural, botanical masterpiece products. We’re about elevating people, planet, scalp, cells, skin and follicles, as well as the independent, local businesses that make our communities vibrant and alive. 

INSPIRE AND ATTRACT |  Why can’t the best looking product on the shelf also be the most good for you?

CHANGE HABITS  |  Once you fall in love with your bottle and what’s in it, you’ll want to keep it forever and refill it endlessly.

REACH BEYOND THE STATUS QUO |  We’re giving the middle finger to the giant conglomerates that undercut small independent businesses with mediocrity and greed, with ingredients and packaging that are terrible for people and planet.

Cult+King is on a mission to put small independent business first, and disrupt the current system of big brands screwing over small business.  We offer wholesale accounts the following benefits:
  • A brand with a story about values that people want to believe in.
  • Cleanest ingredients that don’t poison you, your employees or your customers.
  • The most beautiful packaging in the industry that sells itself.
  • No big buy-in to open a wholesale account and place your first order.
  • No minimum order or minimum monthly spend to remain in good standing.
  • No required number of products that you are required to buy and stock.
  • Not for sale on Amazon. Ever. Period.
  • Every wholesale account is automatically enrolled in our HELLA AWESOME Referral Rebate Program including lifetime customers.
  • Wholesale accounts that make larger purchases qualify for DISRUPTER and RABBLE ROUSER benefits including enhanced HELLA AWESOME visibility on the web site, welcome gifts and Viceroy program.  RABBLE ROUSERS enjoy one complimentary training or consumer event at their location featuring Jared, our Founder.
  • Access and respect. Human-powered. We encourage dialogue and welcome feedback.
  • Feel good about what you’re selling.
  • A huge swath of consumers who want to hear about CULT+KING:  label-readers, vegans, gluten-intolerant, allergy-sufferers, sensitive skin, sensitive scalp, damaged hair, curly hair, de-toxers, people who spend a lot of time in the pool, sensitive to synthetic fragrance, asthma-sufferers, non-toxic lifestylers, minimalists, thinning hair, coarse beards, new product junkies, plastic-haters…



Click this link to submit a wholesale application.

Applicants in the State of Utah must submit a Utah sales tax exemption form before their wholesale account can be created.


Upon approval of your Wholesale Application, we will email you login credentials for online wholesale ordering

We’ll also send you a free C+K Sampler as a welcome gift.


CULT+KING founder Jared Briggs is a working master hairstylist and salon owner, who has seen for years the struggles small retailers have finding new and different products grounded in a commitment to personal and planetary health. He’s also experienced the difficulties small, independent businesses face in the buy-in investments required to stock the most desirable products, and in the competition from the retail titans like Amazon to keep shoppers coming back to their shelves.  CULT+KING is about disrupting those systems to move the world toward healthier products, cleaner planet and thriving indie businesses in our local communities.


Lots of people don’t see any problems with the systems CULT+KING seeks to disrupt, but more and more are every day.  And once you see it, you can’t un-see it. It’s a drip-drip-drip process that builds into an ocean of new ideas and habits. Your business is an important gathering place where consumers discover  the new products and new ideas they don’t know they’re looking for, but that they are increasingly ready to embrace.  And once they experience the real, true wonders of Nature in a jar (or bottle), there’s no going back.  Join us.