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Cult+King is not just a new product line. It’s about elevating our industry.
  • Cleanest ingredients that don’t poison you, your stylists or your guests.
  • The most beautiful packaging in the industry that sells itself.
  • We’re giving the middle finger to the giant conglomerates that undercut small independent businesses with mediocrity and greed, and ingredients and packaging that are terrible for people and planet.
Cult+King is on a mission to put small independent business first, and disrupt the current system of big brands screwing over small business.

We are the only haircare products company that lets consumers shop local no matter where they’re shopping from.  When consumers buy Cult+King Products through this web site, the local dealer that introduced them to Cult+King receives a sizeable share of the purchase.  We want online sales to financially benefit our retail partners, not cut them out of the transaction.



Submit a wholesale application and your state-issued Sales Tax Exemption Number.

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Upon approval of your Wholesale Application and Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, we will send you a free, no-obligation C+K Sampler so you can try all the products. You also have the option to order more C+K Samplers and a Care Package of full-size products to share with your team and see the retail sizes up close.


Plan your opening order and the level of CULT+KING participation that’s best for your business.

Are you a Supporter, a Disrupter, or a Rabble Rouser?  You will receive all the details and options by email upon approval of your application.


Contact join@cultandking.com to open your wholesale account and place your opening order.

At that time, we will ask you to: sign our Wholesale Agreement. To save time later, sign the form now. 


We are working hairstylists and barbers ourselves, with industry knowledge and passion for the business.  We have formulated each and every product from the ground up and tested them on hundreds if not thousands of guests in our own award-winning salons.  If you want to offer CULT+KING PRODUCTS to your guests, please get in touch about a wholesale account.

CULT+KING PRODUCTS  are exclusively offered through Independent Salons, Barbershops, Apothecaries and Lifestyle Boutiques, and through this web site (for which 30% of retail product sales are shared with our Dealers who carry the line. See Wholesale Agreement for Details.)  Dealers are also able to buy CULT+KING TOOLS at trade pricing for staff use, and to retail in their establishments.


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