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Are you a hairstylist that is looking to expand your knowledge of dry/texture/curly cutting? ⁠

Are you already trained in the foundations of haircutting, and looking for a different approach to cutting hair? ⁠

Would you like to have the confidence to generate more revenue by expanding your services to the dry-cutting/curly world?⁠

My name is Universe-and I help hairdressers get to their next level in their dry cutting/hand styling skills.⁠

Are you ready to up your game?⁠

Juxtaposed Hair Education X Bluebird Salon is presenting:⁠

“The Art of Dry Cutting” ⁠

At Bluebird Salon in San Luis Obispo ⁠
January 21st 2024. ⁠

We have a limited number of tickets for licensed hairdressers to participate in this amazing opportunity.⁠


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