Many different kinds of businesses are interested in and eligible for a CULT+KING wholesale account. We are interested in learning key facts about your business by way of this application.

Some key things to know about CULT+KING's application process:

  • We are excited and humbled to hear from every business that reaches out to us. We know you have a lot of choices in products, and we are not a big conglomerate that takes anything for granted. Thank you for your interest in CULT+KING.
  • We are currently only accepting applications from U.S.-based businesses.
  • Upon acceptance of your application, we will send login-in credentials to the wholesale ordering section of this web site, plus a free C+K Sampler ($45 value) as a welcome gift.
  • Are you a Supporter, a Disrupter or a Rabble Rouser? We have no minimum buy-in or minimum monthly order at the Supporter level, however there are valuable perks and extras available to businesses that opt to be Disrupters and Rabble Rousers.
  • We are a growing, cause-based enterprise committed to making best-in-class natural, botanical products based on the ideals and ethos outlined throughout this web site. We are continually adding new products, thus the pricing and items included in various packages is subject to change as new items are added.
  • For questions, contact join@cultandking.com.

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5) Why are you interested in a CULT+KING wholesale account?*

What aspects of CULT+KING do you find the most appealing? (check as many as apply)
Unique, botanical, organics-rich, waterless formulations designed for maximum hair health and styleIrresistibly beautiful packaging that sells itself at retailCULT+KING formulations are vegan, cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny certifiedProducts are gender-fluid for every bodyCULT+KING's natural, non-synthetic scents make me weak in the kneesCULT+KING donates 1% of gross sales to environmental non-profits as members of One Percent for the PlanetI like that the products don't come in plastic bottles because our planet has enough plastic bottles alreadyI don't want to compete with Amazon by seeing the product lines I carry sold thereI like that CULT+KING's HELLA AWESOME program shares a sizable portion of online retail sales instead of cutting small business out of the equationI want to support new companies that seek to change consumer habits and culture for a healthier, more sustainable futureI'm concerned about the long-term effects of all the synthetic chemicals in haircare products, and looking for alternativesI'm in love with one or two specific CULT+KING products that I want to add to my retail mix and use endlessly




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