A sampling from our in-box.

C+K is a very well run, honest, botanical line I have used. Been in the business for 34 yrs. I have tried them all. Thank you for all the research that goes into it. Terri, January 25, 2024

Best brand and product in the business. I’m a superfan. One of the only companies that the product is even better than the packaging. Amy, December 14, 2023

I’m utterly happy with your completely perfect products I’ve known, used, and loved the POMADE and SUPERWATER  ✨ fantastic performance with lovely scents My first online purchase with y’all  was a great experience I’m excited to explore your other items  Rachel, November 11, 2023

BALM is the bomb. I have tried everything and in between, this is product that can both be used on my hair and face.  Something I actually wanted to invent myself.  I can NOt believe after about a month of using the product in action to some of my Dermalogica products my skin hasn’t had a breakout.  I’m a 35 year old mother with very sensitive youthful skin and am thankful for your product. Lizzy, October 29, 2023

I can honestly say your commitment to truly from the earth products and sustainable packaging has kept me doing hair for longer. You guys are my favorite company and I am incredibly thankful for your efforts. Lydia, October 14, 2023

I really love what you all are doing. Everything works well, smells good, and packaged sustainably. Thanks for existing and creating nice/useful products! Maass, September 29, 2023

I squealed like a little girl when I opened my package from Cult and King. I’ve never made an unboxing video but this would have been pretty good. Everything was packaged so beautifully and packed so lovingly that I got a little choked up. I took my time and examined each item’s package, unboxed them, and sniffed each. So much enjoyment! Thanks for making hair care better. Ellen, September 26, 2023

Love being a supporter of this company. You guys rule on so many levels KJ, September 14, 2023

I adore everything about your incredible products and your ethos, thank you sincerely for what you bring to this industry <3 Sylvia, September 8, 2023

Best hair products ever!! Your Jelly and set spray are the best. So lightweight and added so much volume and definition to my hair! I definitely will be switching my products to cult and king!! They smell amazing and natural too! Not overpowering! Love it so much!!!! Priya, September 6, 2023

So impressed with your company! Love your style, your vibe, your products, and the people. Well done to you all for being pure to a mission and kicking ass following through on it. You’re an inspiration! Mike, July 16, 2023

Finding your company means having finally found my holy grail and finally having products that align with all my hopes and dreams and beliefs will actually be the thing I need to really build a solid business! Ya know, having products you really jive with and believe in and can speak on with genuine enthusiasm is really necessary! And also, thanks for setting out to make a brand that is beautiful to look at, provides more than one purpose so that it actually doesn’t promote over-consumerism, and thanks for being charitable also! I can’t wait to try your products and share you with my guests! Jessica, May 11, 2023

SUPERWATER = holy grail!!! I just felt compelled to let you know that I am really impressed with the new SUPERWATER! I have been dealing with neck acne for years and have tried everything and have gone to dermatologists with no avail. Literally with one use, my neck acne is gone! This SUPERWATER makes my skin so soft and it feels so clean. Not to mention the amazing beautiful smell! I can’t wait to share this with all of my clients. Chelsea, April 22, 2023

My order was delivered in a very timely fashion! It was packed wonderfully and I just love everything about this company! All my clients love every product I introduce to them and keep wanting me! Thank you so much for all you do! Emily, April 21, 2023
Not only are your products amazing in so many ways but your customer service is the best I have encountered in quite some time. Beth, April 18, 2023
Lovely and amazing! You are a treasure! Michelle, March 30, 2023
I see you as a mythic healer from the woodlands bearing nourishing wisdom…it can’t be helped, that’s just how I see you now! Thank you for your time in helping me. Seriously, no one else would be so attentive; you are truly the coolest of cats.  I get the feeling that the longer one uses Cult + King, the more healthy and beautiful the hair will become, kind of like taking one’s vitamins every day, it is compounding. You have a fan for life. I am crazy grateful to have found you. Sam, March 20, 2023
I look forward to using the hair jelly every day. It makes my curls so lovely without the crunch! And I am so glad I got the setspray again because it smells DIVINE! Frankie, March 26, 2023
BALM FOREVER, I haven’t had a bad hair day in months, and that’s just the hair awesome of Balm… My husband doesn’t even use “product” – except Balm, and Tonik… oh, and Wash. Sara, October 27, 2022
Hi guys, thank you so much for making a product that works and smells so nice and comes from such great intentions and actions! Melissa, October 11 2022
I get the most amazing vibe from your company. The products you make are wonderful – can’t get enough of their delicious scents. The packaging is gorgeous and the nice little notes that are added to your packing lists is just one of those above and beyond special touches that show you care. You’re obviously doing something right and it shows! Just wanted to wish you continued success because you deserve it. Kind Regards, Geri, July 17, 2022
Letting you know if someone hasn’t already today that you are geniuses. I used the Tonik years ago, religiously. I ran out and got pregnant and had a baby and things got a little crazy, ha! My scalp got very bad again recently and I ordered and just got my order today and just used it already- perfect timing. I just applied all over my scalp and now going to lay down for 30 minutes while my head receives all the goodness and listen to some music in my headphones and rest. The ultimate mom time! Thank you for making such amazing products…. I’m so glad to have Tonik back in my routine. Hannah, April 22, 2022
In all honesty, I ordered the dark hair powder and hair jelly solely because they were so pretty. I don’t have the best hair – fine, thin, and wavy. Not cute beach waves…think David Lee Roth. That said, these products made my hair look and feel great! Lightweight and super bouncy!! It’s snowing today in Chicago and I went for an hour walk with a stocking hat on. When I came back, I just had to zhush my hair back in place and add a little hairspray and voila! Cute hair! Thank you so much for these awesome products and looking forward to using these for a long time.  Alyson, March 11, 2022
As I’ve continued working with my minis I’ve come to love the way they’ve changed my hair care/styling routine.  I find that my skin has also been calmer and I wonder if it has to do with how the hair products that peripherally touch my face or pillowcases are now made from healthy ingredients. I cut my own hair with a straight razor and finding products that bring out the shaggy movement of my cut without weighing it down – and provide lasting texture! – makes a huge difference.  I was using Hairstory products before trying Cult + King and although they are effective, I 100% prefer Cult + King’s!
In case this information is helpful to anyone, these are my observations about my minis so far:
– Tonik: awesome scalp conditioner, helps prime my hair and minimizes the feeling of residual minerals not caught by my showerhead filter; great for refreshing product when next-day styling or when I want a little boost
– Style: moisturizes and reduces frizz, makes hair supple, nice super light hold; I like lightly layering this in on my mid to ends, and for air-styling
– Jelly: brings out my waves and adds texture without feeling tacky or crunchy, adds bombshell volume when heat styling.. can be easy for me to overdo on initial application (maybe I’m too excited to use it) yet doesn’t feel heavy if I use a bit to refresh my hair the following day/s!
– Setpray: amplifies and sets texture without feeling sticky or hard, dries down to a natural/soft feel after heat styling.. I was blown away by how much longer my styles last when using this, especially with how lightweight it feels.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with Setspray but it is now a staple for me.

Danielle, January 18, 2022

Your products are truly amazing and have changed my hair!   Molly, October 23, 2021
I wanted to let you know that this is truly my holy grail product. I feel that it has completely changed the health and well-being of my hair. I cannot say enough about how much I adore it and I am so thankful to have found this company.  Your mission, your product, and the measures you’re taking to be a responsible business make it even more of a no-brainer for me. Thank you for being such an incredible company- you’ve got a loyal customer for life! Molly, October 23, 2021
The HAIR POWDER is my fav product ever created.   Joy, October 11, 2021
The BALM has changed my life.  Free at last!   Maria, October 9, 2021
I first wanted to say how much I love your products! The Jelly is the exact product I’ve been searching for for years and I get compliments on my hair all the time now.    Dallas, September 26, 2021
Hello, I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know I received my AWESOME Tonik.  I have been using it for a couple of years already and I am pleased with your products.  I have my husband using it as well.  THANK YOU for your products.  Oh, Love your hand sanitizer too! All the best, Elizabeth, September 24, 2021
I just wanted to tell you I just left my salon after purchasing BALM, TONIK, and some JELLY.  What awesome hair products you have. I love quality and I mean I am willing to pay for the quality, but your price points are fabulous as well. And they smell so good, always a major bonus for me. So I just wanted to say thank you, truly made my day today.  Stacy  September 16, 2021
A friend gave me the travel size of your Tonik for my birthday and I loved it so much I used it up immediately and then went on your site for a full-size bottle plus the jelly and the balm! Am in love with these products. My hair is so soft and smells so good!  Jamie  September 14, 2021
I got a mini Tonik at my salon, and have been using it religiously. I liked the tingle and my hair seemed to last longer between washes. I just ran out a week ago and noticed the difference. Wow. I am excited to try your other products. I really appreciate your ethos, from packaging, refills, giving rebates to small biz referrals, all of it. We see your hard work and intentional business practices. It matters. Thank you for doing what you are doing.   Suzanne  September 9 2021

Love STYLE – every client purchased one today. Need to put another order in before you sell out. Thank you!  Anna September 3, 2021

I wanted to say thank you for the care and thought you have put into your welcome kit. Time sensitive, useful and packaged with such care. Beyond the quality ingredients and eco-conscious sourcing, this adds an additional layer of excitement I have for the Cult & King company. With respect and gratitude,  Denise August 18, 2021

Just a quick note to say I discovered your Balm at GATHER in Bend, OR and it is the BEST FUCKING LOTION i’ve ever used – I just ordered it for my mother and ordered myself the refill bag. Life changing!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  XO   Mary June 25, 2021

Love your products. Especially the Tonik! Thank you for making it so easy to order refills and a special thank you to Jose who has packed up several refills for me over that past year and a half! Much love.  Sarah June 22, 2021

Wow, your response to this has left me speechless, highlighting just how thoughtful and customer-service oriented you guys are. I’m so happy I’m supporting such a wonderful and ethical company as this proves it… Your earth-conscious products are miracles in a jar! … You’ve made my day! Allison June 9, 2021
The line looks sexy like perfume but on trend.   Jess  June 2, 2021
My locks need/want BALM. Thank you for creating a one of a kind miracle product.   Amanda May 29, 2021
I just wanted to share how utterly obsessed with your products I have become. I recently got a haircut from Inspire Salon in Maryland and they recommended TONIK which completely changed my scalp in the best way. No more itching. No more flakes. So of course I had to try JELLY and the HAIR POWDER Dry Shampoo…and wow. So much moveable touchable texture. So OF COURSE I then placed an order for your SETSPRAY and BALM and I haven’t tried them yet but I know I will love them too. Just wanted to let you know I’m so in love with your products and thankful to have found you all!!  Morgan March 11, 2021

Hi Cult and King. I just wanted to write and let you know how your products have literally changed my life. I’ve been seeing a (wonderful) dermatologist for several years for hair loss and severe seborrheic dermatitis – my scalp literally burned so badly it would keep me up at night and I had to hold ice packs on my head to relieve the pain. Over the years I’ve tried everything my derm could think of to treat me, including medicated shampoos, ketoconazole, clobetasol, steroid injections, etc., ad nauseam. Nothing worked to alleviate my condition – I thought I would live the rest of my life with that excruciating pain. My amazing hair dude introduced me to TONIK just over a year ago. It immediately changed my life. From the first time I used it, my scalp was soothed. The longer I used it, the greater the return. I no longer have itching or burning, and I have had a significant amount of regrowth. TONIK honestly restored an important piece of my quality of life. I am so incredibly grateful. Thanks.  Wendy March 5, 2021

Hi. I just want to say I’m such a fan. I want to eat these products for breakfast. I want to be a Cult + King employee. I want in the club. Can you adopt me?
Amy February 28, 2021
Hello friends,  Just wanted to say your products are incredible and I love how humble y’all have always been in the process. Not to mention your products are such quality, beautiful pieces that are all quite affordable. I will make sure to tell everyone I encounter about you.  Sincerely,   A customer for life  February 6, 2021
I wanted to personally tell you that:
1.  We love you guys
2.  We love you guys
3.  We LOVE what you stand for as a company
4.  We FUCKING love your products, and really try and educate our clients
5.  We are really trying to work w our stylists to get them educated with all your products.
6.  We fucking LOVE your products
7.  We LOVE JARED’S classes
Theresa  February 5, 2021
I would like to share my experience with Cult+King.  First of all the customer service is supreme.  I believe I spoke to Robin, please excuse me if I got that wrong.  She was so attentive and explained the products with such enthusiasm as I was a first time online buyer.  This product was recommended by my sister who has been looking for healthy, non-toxic, hair products.  Well I join her in raving about these products.  I purchased the Tonik, wow, what an experience. Wonderful fragrance and loved the nice tingling on the scalp.  I was experiencing constant itching on my scalp so that is what prompted me to try this product.  Not at all disappointed!!!!  Detangled my hair faster than any product I have tried. It is soothing to my scalp.  I’m sold!!!  I also purchased the Setspray.  Amazing, after spraying my hair I thought it would be stiff but to my surprise it was not.  Next day I dampened my hair to reset the curls which bounced back without stiffness.  Another home run!!! Thank you Cult+King for providing products for divas (hee-hee) who want beautiful hair with the added benefits of chemical free products.     Amy  February 4, 2021
I just wanted to reach out and thank you for your time and entertaining, yet educational, zoom class today. I haven’t felt so fired up and inspired in quite some time, it truly filled my heart with both love and rage. Thank you for everything you’re doing, and another big thank you for keeping the “hippie punk” gang small and making this solo esthetician feel seen and cared for. I’ll be part of this cult forever, hail conscious capitalism.  Elise  February 1, 2021
Every step of the way with your company has been awesome and really impressive!    Rosalie  January 19, 2021

I just wanted to send a quick message to tell you how stoked I am about this product line. I’ve been using the samples you sent me on myself and on my clients for the past few days. We are over the moon. Thank you so much for including small (tiny, one-woman) businesses like mine in the revolution. This sort of product is exactly what I want to represent in my work and I am really incredibly grateful that Cult + King exists. Can’t wait for more JELLY! Thanks a million for all you guys are up to.   Jess  November 20, 2020

Just wanted to say how happy I am with your products. No sticky chemical feel, actually makes my hair shinier and feel healthier, and don’t have to wash it out the next day like other products. Thanks!   Leslie  November 15, 2020

I just received my order. Words can not express my JOY! I had previously used your Tonik and been pleased with it. My order included Jelly, Set Spray, Balm and a tiny Pomade. These products are AMAZING. I styled my hair with almost no heat!! (I still had to blow dry my bangs.) I used the pomade to fix my bangs in place. These products are the best. The packaging is great for the environment. And the fact you do not add [artificial] scent makes me cry with joy. I often get migraines and break out from scented stuff. These products are what I’ve been searching for for the past 30 years. Thank you so so much!!! You guys rock!  Emily  October 13, 2020

Your balm is amazing! I tend to have irritated skin after I shave and have been looking for something for years that will help and I honestly mean, it’s been years. I have used this now a few times and I can already see a difference. Not only am I very pleased with how this works on my face, it smells wonderful! Thank you for making such an amazing product. I first bought the mini to make sure I would like it and I just now ordered the regular size one and I still have most of the mini left. Thank you again!   Brian  October 1, 2020

Woo hoo! I love this! I’m skipping through a meadow as we speak with my short hair somewhat blowing in the winds of RI! In a mask of course! Safely and distances as always! Lol! Thanks for all that you do. I’m honored to be a part of something so big that is so “small” because that’s what we are…small. Businesses with BIG hearts and BIG goals to move onward and upward in the healthiest way for us and our earth. Really.   Leah September 25, 2020

I went in for a haircut a few weeks ago apologizing for my out of control dandruff. (I haven’t had dandruff in over a decade but it has returned with a vengeance) I had been trying to get it under control with some Head & Shoulders and my stylist put the brakes on that fast! She sent me home with an amazing shag and a bottle of the Tonik which I put to use the next day. I do not understand how or why that Tonik works but, holy moly!!!…I’m almost dandruff free now! Thank you for creating an amazing product and working with dedicated stylists who can get those goodies into their clients’ hands. I’m seriously blown away.    Anonymous  September 15, 2020
So I have an interesting story for you. I have gotten acne on my butt cheeks since I was a kid. Nothing really seems to help. My hair stylist recently switched to CULT+KING products and I was instantly obsessed. When I got the TONIK in the mail and read the ingredients, I had an idea… I’ve been spraying TONIK on my booty cheeks after each shower and guess what?  I’m in the clear for the first time I can remember! Thought you might find this interesting. Feel free to share *anonymously*   September 13, 2020
Add this to the amazing things BALM can do… I got stung by a hornet a week ago. Today it swelled up and itches like no other. I put BALM on it. Swelling gone and itching gone.   Daniel  September 3, 2020
I had to tell y’all how much I love the powder and the balm! Haven’t washed, brushed, or styled my hair since my girl hooked me up last Saturday at the salon. Literally ran my fingers through my hair before during and after using the powder. Wet my hands a tiny bit and used the tiniest amount of balm. 5 minutes later my hair looks like this. I rarely have time or energy to style my hair so your products are a revelation. The natural fragrance, efficacy, and multiple uses are dreamy for a single mama on a budget because I know they will last me a MINUTE. Haven’t loved a line or any hair products this since college. I love y’all’s mission and your dedication to our planet and animals. I’m a single mom of 2 and I wfh full time. My childcare situation is virtually nonexistent most of the time because of the pandemic and school is starting soon so I’ll have even less time for my hair than I do now. I feel pretty and confident because my hair looks great and won’t take forever to style because your products are so wonderful. This concludes my 20 minute nonconsecutive lunch break, so thanks for your time, attention, and for these wonderful tools!      Amanda  August 14, 2020
I can’t express how impressed I was from the unveiling, the touching, the smelling, the using, everything really.  I was giddy (for the first time in a long time since all of this) and sat in my new salon space, that I just finished a couple weeks back, and got all up into everything like a kid opening their Christmas stocking.   Today I showered and styled  with C + K and hell yes, for a few minutes it felt as though all was well in the world. I’m a hard sell, but when I’m sold, I’m sold, and this was a quick sell.   Lindsey  June 30, 2020
Thank you for creating a natural/nontoxic/waste reduction UTILTY product at an accessible price- literally checks every box, all while encouraging and fighting for equity. Thank you for using your platform to speak out and amplify marginalized voices.  Your products make me happy and I will be shouting it from the rooftops.   Cass  June 13, 2020
I think C+K has best business initiatives in our industry at the moment. From inclusivity to sustainability, you all are the change product companies need in the hair industry. I love your product as well!!!   Caroline  June 3, 2020
I have a client with extensions and the BALM is amazing in those extensions.  I’ve always noticed how dry the ends get so I told her to try some Balm on the ends. MAGIC. We’ve tried oil and creams and they don’t work. BALM actually coated the hairs and made them shinier and sleek. Kristen  May 20, 2020
Love you guys. Seriously the only products that have ever kept my hair happy and healthy.  Amy  May 17, 2020
I just wanted to first let you know that I have been using your Tonik Spray and Balm. I absolutely love them! The tonik is refreshing and the perfect hold for my curly hair. I also love that the ingredients are all natural and promote a healthy scalp and prevent hair loss. I love the Balm and the way it feels on my beard. I ran out of face moisturizer and have been using it instead and it has not clogged my pores and it smells so good! Bear  May 14, 2020
All of your products are beautiful (both packaging and effectiveness), and smell wonderful.  As someone who is fragrance sensitive I can’t believe I have had to wait this long to actually enjoy the way hair products smell.  Usually, when I come home from the salon I have to wash my hair twice or else I will end up vomiting with a throbbing headache.  Anna  May 5, 2020
Just wanted to send a quick message and let ya’ll know how much this balm has changed my whole entire being. The rough patches I used to have on my legs are now nonexistent and I cannot thank this company and your products enough. I tried the mini first, wasn’t sure if the refills fit the mini so I bought my mother and I the full size balm and have every intention of stay well stocked in the refills.  My skin, my hair, my feet! They all feel amazing thanks to your balm. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK. I truly cannot say it enough so, no really, thank you. Sydney  May 4, 2020
Times are weird but your haircare is next level.  I just wanted to write you a note to tell you that your products are almost too good to be true. I have fine curly hair that I have always had a fraught relationship with. Styling products have always weighed me down or greased me up or otherwise proven that they were not made for me. Until I got your stuff. The jelly is literally the product of my dreams. My hair has never looked or felt so good with such little effort. I’m also religiously using the Tonik and the Setspray and don’t plan on ever looking back. Thanks for providing beautiful products that are refillable. Thanks for allowing me to have good hair in the midst of so much unpredictability.   Lindsey  March 26, 2020
Thank you guys for being fucking rad and being the type of company I want to support! And thanks for the dope products on top of that!   Franky  March 2, 2020
Thank you for making our jobs better and cleaner and for caring about the planet!  The more demand for these sorts of products, the sooner we can clean up our mess and help mend our bodies and earth!   Dakota  February 23, 2020
I haven’t fallen so hard for a line like this maybe ever. I feel grateful that our industry is shifting towards a community of health, support, love and encouragement.  CULT+KING shares that message and I feel privileged to spread the good word.  Also if I could bathe in the BALM, I would.   Kate  February 3, 2020
We have been making moves this past year to get rid of as much single use plastic as we can. I’m sick of supporting lines that end up selling out, or can be bought on Amazon.  And last–I’m a sucker for packaging and these are GORGEOUS–aesthetically it really vibes with my shop.  Kaetlyn  February 2, 2020
I just have to say, since being introduced to your products I literally want to use nothing else. I work in a salon that retails a different line but the owner is ok with me using my own stuff. Every time I use the Set Spray and the Jelly clients comment on how wonderful it smells and how beautiful the packaging is, that’s when I talk about how great they work too!!! I have gotten rid of everything else I was using at home and the above mentioned two products along with the Balm have made my daily routine so easy and my hair has never looked better. Thank you for such an amazing line of products! they are game changers!!!!    Heather  January 12, 2020

Keep up the great work as these products are addicting and necessary for fabulous hair!    Louise  December 15, 2019

SETSPRAY is the best product I have ever used.   Kate   December 15, 2019

I’m obsessed with the smell of everything. It’s completely intoxicating.   Jamie   December 9, 2019

Wow!!! :) The Jelly arrived today and I immediately put some in my hair and hello volume!! Love this product!!  Recommending to all of my friends!! Thank you!  Jann  October 26, 2019

I love the smell of all the products… and I’m super picky!   Erin   October 22, 2019

I LOVE the set spray and the BALM. I have huge unruly super curly frizzy hair and the balm is by far my favorite…  I spend a lot of money on my hair and have been through thousands and thousands of dollars of of treatments and enzyme treatments over the past 8 years.  I have spent hundreds and hundreds on hair products. I am THRILLED so far with cult and king –  because I have reached that point where I am just fed up with the broken promises that all these products offer , and then I find out that there are toxic chemicals that are making hair stylists sick.  I want to go natural and real and non toxic and as organic as possible.  Kudos to you all – Cult and King.    Kate   October 19, 2019

Dudddeeeeee, I’ve finally gotten to play with everything for a while and I’m absolutely obsessed with the balm, pink jelly, wash bar,  and tonik. It’s seriously changed my life. For once in my life I can actually use products. It’s been years since I’ve found a shampoo that wasn’t full of chemicals that ultimately would worsen the scalp once I stopped using it. And it’s been years since I’ve been able to actually use styling products and not broke out into itch and inflammation. Thanks for everything, I’m so happy to have found you guys and even more excited for the future and sharing your magic!    Alan   October 14, 2019

I love Cult & King. It has reconnected me with my younger self that was very much a Fuck the establishment kind of girl. I was always doing the opposite of everything mainstream media was telling me. So thank you for getting me in touch with my inner rebel AND for being kind to our planet.   Seana   July 26, 2019

I want y’all to know Tonik has helped change my fine thin hair and my life.  Erica July 21, 2019

Your products were recommended to me by my hair stylist. I am a mature women with shoulder length, thinning brunette and gray hair.  My hair was damaged from hard water, salt air, wind and UV’s (and age!).   I really want to keep my long hair but it was thinning, frizzing and breaking… I nearly cut it off! I bought the pomade and shortly after ordered your sampler.  What a beautiful package and unexpected gifts as well.   My husband and I have used all of your products over the past 6 weeks.  I did not realize that the bar shampoo was intended for men.  I love it!    I used the powder today after not washing in over a week and had to write to you about how my hair is transformed!  I accidentally used the blonde powder and it highlighted my gray in such a lovely way. Thanks so much for saving my hair! I too was enraged about being a slave to beauty products in plastic.  Thanks for proving that we don’t need that crap!  Let’s just all be more humble and get back to basics.  Namaste.    Joann September 22, 2019

I really love the tonic and setspray so much that I do not want to use anything else. Dennis March 26, 2019 

Obsessed with your mission and products! I’m an independent esthetician studio owner that focuses on waxing/sugaring, brows, and lashes. I also work as a registered nurse. Products are important to me and after spending three days with the c+k sampler that I just purchased, I want everyone to have one!!   Jennifer June 21, 2019

By the way the balm is an awesome headache reliever / temple balm.  Misty June 10, 2019 

I love the products, the ideology behind the brand, the refillable products YAS, packaging and the customer service.  Heather May 30, 2019

We need you in our lives. We recently received your sample bag to our sister salon and we are in LOVE and you didn’t even buy us a drink first. Haha. We need to order a ton of products for both salons. I’m traveling and the team is begging me for the products. Thanks for being so kick ass and thanks for keeping it real. We ❤️  You.   Jacoall May 22, 2019

Keep up the good work, it is inspiring for so many others. Beauty should not have to compromise people/animals/environment!  Lydia May 15, 2019

I just got the sample package today and everything in there is fucking fantastic.  Shannon April 1, 2019

Balm is actually working on the dermatitis on my scalp!!!  I have tried everything, and this is the first breakthrough I’ve had.  I must also say that the products, ingredients, sustainability and marketing of your products are amazing!  I’m so impressed, and am absolutely spreading the word.  I love supporting such environmentally responsible and quality fueled company.  Kimberlee September 25, 2018

I’m so excited I discovered CULT+KING. This is exactly what I’ve been dreaming about.  Brandi  January 23, 2019

I have recently begun to grow my hair out for the first time in my life….I always preferred short hair primarily because I hated to use products in my hair….I never liked how it felt to have chemicals in my hair all day, and never found products that I honestly liked….recently, I found your products…specifically the hair balm and most recently the hair tonik..OMG!!!!   The best products ever! You Guys Rock!!!!     Russell  January 5, 2019

Balm is so amazing! Dime size amount, rub hands together and smoosh all over hair. Give shine and and can achieve a nice second day look too : ) Great for eye bags, tee hee. Just don’t get IN your eye : )   Rebecca January 4, 2019

I have been using TONIK for about 10 weeks and it has worked wonders on a part of my scalp that has irritation. Thank you for making an item like the Tonik – I’ve been battling this issue on my scalp since 2013 and yours is the only product, having tried quite a few, that has made any difference! I am grateful!    Laura September 11, 2018

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