CULT+KING Fan Mail. A sampling from our in-box.

I can’t express how impressed I was from the unveiling, the touching, the smelling, the using, everything really.  I was giddy (for the first time in a long time since all of this) and sat in my new salon space, that I just finished a couple weeks back, and got all up into everything like a kid opening their Christmas stocking.   Today I showered and styled  with C + K and hell yes, for a few minutes it felt as though all was well in the world. I’m a hard sell, but when I’m sold, I’m sold, and this was a quick sell.   Lindsey  June 30, 2020
Thank you for creating a natural/nontoxic/waste reduction UTILTY product at an accessible price- literally checks every box, all while encouraging and fighting for equity. Thank you for using your platform to speak out and amplify marginalized voices.  Your products make me happy and I will be shouting it from the rooftops.   Cass  June 13, 2020
I think C+K has best business initiatives in our industry at the moment. From inclusivity to sustainability, you all are the change product companies need in the hair industry. I love your product as well!!!   Caroline  June 3, 2020
Love you guys. Seriously the only products that have ever kept my hair happy and healthy.  Amy  May 17, 2020
All of your products are beautiful (both packaging and effectiveness), and smell wonderful.  As someone who is fragrance sensitive I can’t believe I have had to wait this long to actually enjoy the way hair products smell.  Usually, when I come home from the salon I have to wash my hair twice or else I will end up vomiting with a throbbing headache.  Anna  May 5, 2020
Just wanted to send a quick message and let ya’ll know how much this balm has changed my whole entire being. The rough patches I used to have on my legs are now nonexistent and I cannot thank this company and your products enough. I tried the mini first, wasn’t sure if the refills fit the mini so I bought my mother and I the full size balm and have every intention of stay well stocked in the refills.  My skin, my hair, my feet! They all feel amazing thanks to your balm. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK. I truly cannot say it enough so, no really, thank you. Sydney  May 4, 2020
Times are weird but your haircare is next level.  I just wanted to write you a note to tell you that your products are almost too good to be true. I have fine curly hair that I have always had a fraught relationship with. Styling products have always weighed me down or greased me up or otherwise proven that they were not made for me. Until I got your stuff. The jelly is literally the product of my dreams. My hair has never looked or felt so good with such little effort. I’m also religiously using the Tonik and the Setspray and don’t plan on ever looking back. Thanks for providing beautiful products that are refillable. Thanks for allowing me to have good hair in the midst of so much unpredictability.   Lindsey  March 26, 2020
Thank you guys for being fucking rad and being the type of company I want to support! And thanks for the dope products on top of that!   Franky  March 2, 2020
Thank you for making our jobs better and cleaner and for caring about the planet!  The more demand for these sorts of produts, the sooner we can clean up our mess and help mend our bodies and earth!   Dakota  February 23, 2020
I haven’t fallen so hard for a line like this maybe ever. I feel grateful that our industry is shifting towards a community of health, support, love and encouragement.  CULT+KING shares that message and I feel privileged to spread the good word.  Also if I could bathe in the BALM, I would.   Kate  February 3, 2020
We have been making moves this past year to get rid of as much single use plastic as we can. I’m sick of supporting lines that end up selling out, or can be bought on Amazon.  And last– I’m a sucker for packaging and these are GORGEOUS–aesthetically it really vibes with my shop.  Kaetlyn  February 2, 2020
I just have to say, since being introduced to your products I literally want to use nothing else. I work in a salon that retails a different line but the owner is ok with me using my own stuff. Every time I use the Set Spray and the Jelly clients comment on how wonderful it smells and how beautiful the packaging is, that’s when I talk about how great they work too!!! I have gotten rid of everything else I was using at home and the above mentioned two products along with the Balm have made my daily routine so easy and my hair has never looked better. Thank you for such an amazing line of products! they are game changers!!!!    Heather  January 12, 2020

Keep up the great work as these products are addicting and necessary for fabulous hair!    Louise  December 15, 2019

SETSPRAY is the best product I have ever used.   Kate   December 15, 2019

I’m obsessed with the smell of everything. It’s completely intoxicating.   Jamie   December 9, 2019

I love the smell of all the products… and I’m super picky!   Erin   October 22, 2019

Dudddeeeeee, I’ve finally gotten to play with everything for a while and I’m absolutely obsessed with the balm, pink jelly, wash bar,  and tonik. It’s seriously changed my life. For once in my life I can actually use products. It’s been years since I’ve found a shampoo that wasn’t full of chemicals that ultimately would worsen the scalp once I stopped using it. And it’s been years since I’ve been able to actually use styling products and not broke out into itch and inflammation. Thanks for everything, I’m so happy to have found you guys and even more excited for the future and sharing your magic!    Alan   October 14, 2019

I love Cult & King. It has reconnected me with my younger self that was very much a Fuck the establishment kind of girl. I was always doing the opposite of everything mainstream media was telling me. So thank you for getting me in touch with my inner rebel AND for being kind to our planet.   Seana   July 26, 2019

I want y’all to know Tonik has helped change my fine thin hair and my life. Erica July 21, 2019

Your products were recommended to me by my hair stylist. I am a mature women with shoulder length, thinning brunette and gray hair.  My hair was damaged from hard water, salt air, wind and UV’s (and age!).   I really want to keep my long hair but it was thinning, frizzing and breaking… I nearly cut it off! I bought the pomade and shortly after ordered your sampler.  What a beautiful package and unexpected gifts as well.   My husband and I have used all of your products over the past 6 weeks.  I did not realize that the bar shampoo was intended for men.  I love it!    I used the powder today after not washing in over a week and had to write to you about how my hair is transformed!  I accidentally used the blonde powder and it highlighted my gray in such a lovely way. Thanks so much for saving my hair! I too was enraged about being a slave to beauty products in plastic.  Thanks for proving that we don’t need that crap!  Let’s just all be more humble and get back to basics.  Namaste.Joann September 22, 2019

I really love the tonic and setspray so much that I do not want to use anything else. Dennis March 26, 2019 

Obsessed with your mission and products! I’m an independent esthetician studio owner that focuses on waxing/sugaring, brows, and lashes. I also work as a registered nurse. Products are important to me and after spending three days with the c+k sampler that I just purchased, I want everyone to have one!!   Jennifer June 21, 2019

By the way the balm is an awesome headache reliever / temple balm.  Misty June 10, 2019 

I love the products, the ideology behind the brand, the refillable products YAS, packaging and the customer service.  Heather May 30, 2019

We need you in our lives. We recently received your sample bag to our sister salon and we are in LOVE and you didn’t even buy us a drink first. Haha. We need to order a ton of products for both salons. I’m traveling and the team is begging me for the products. Thanks for being so kick ass and thanks for keeping it real. We ❤️ You.   Jacoall May 22, 2019

Keep up the good work, it is inspiring for so many others. Beauty should not have to compromise people/animals/environment!  Lydia May 15, 2019

I just got the sample package today and everything in there is fucking fantastic.  Shannon April 1, 2019

Balm is actually working on the dermatitis on my scalp!!!  I have tried everything, and this is the first breakthrough I’ve had.  I must also say that the products, ingredients, sustainability and marketing of your products are amazing!  I’m so impressed, and am absolutely spreading the word.  I love supporting such environmentally responsible and quality fueled company.  Kimberlee September 25, 2018

I’m so excited I discovered CULT+KING. This is exactly what I’ve been dreaming about.  Brandi  January 23, 2019

I have recently begun to grow my hair out for the first time in my life….I always preferred short hair primarily because I hated to use products in my hair….I never liked how it felt to have chemicals in my hair all day, and never found products that I honestly liked….recently, I found your products…specifically the hair balm and most recently the hair tonik..OMG!!!!   The best products ever! You Guys Rock!!!!     Russell  January 5, 2019

Balm is so amazing! Dime size amount, rub hands together and smoosh all over hair. Give shine and and can achieve a nice second day look too : ) Great for eye bags, tee hee. Just don’t get IN your eye : )   Rebecca January 4, 2019

I have been using TONIK for about 10 weeks and it has worked wonders on a part of my scalp that has irritation. Thank you for making an item like the Tonik – I’ve been battling this issue on my scalp since 2013 and yours is the only product, having tried quite a few, that has made any difference! I am grateful!    Laura September 11, 2018

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