“Conversational Intelligence for Salon Professionals”

with Drea Hemmer

Recorded Monday, June 26, 2023

Dear friends,

Our goal to help small businesses survive and thrive takes many forms. There are many salon coaching and skills-building programs out there, and we encourage everyone to never stop learning. Sometimes we run across something different and amazing, and this is it!

Says Drea Hemmer, “9 out of 10 conversations miss the mark! Reality gaps and our blind spots contribute to our conversations having a low impact. As Salon Professionals, we must build trust quickly and strong connections with our guests and team members.”

For us to be successful and fulfilled, we have to know how to build healthy, long-lasting relationships. Our verbal and nonverbal cues are how we build Trust and strong connections.”

This webinar will heighten your awareness around the concept “Words Change Your World” and help you understand what happens in the mind and body when words are exchanged, based on the latest research findings in the field of neuroscience. You will leave having tools that will support you in effectively navigating and approaching ANY conversation thoroughly and with great skill. You will learn about trust and distrust, intention and impact, and much more!”

CULT+KING is thrilled to offer a recording of this free 60-minute live webinar to all who want to learn and grow. Led by Drea Hemmer, Jared’s own salon coach, colleague, and friend. A 30-minute Q&A follows.