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CULT+KING® TONIK | Spray-in Conditioner & Scalp Potion |  6 oz. Spray Pump Bottle  |  The Black Bottle Is Back.  A botanical masterpiece. Herbal synergies and organic ingredients combine to condition scalp, follicle, and hair like no synthetic chemicals can. This is our favorite product that we’ve ever made, and that’s saying something. Spray TONIK into damp hair and beard after washing and before styling. Or spray it on your scalp and hair anytime.  Feel the tingle.

Manufacturer: Alkhemy LLC | Brand: CULT+KING

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CULT+KING® TONIK | Spray-in, Light-Hold Conditioner & Scalp Potion |  6 oz. Spray Pump Bottle

A botanical masterpiece.

Herbal synergies and organic ingredients combine to condition scalp and hair like no synthetic chemicals can. This is our favorite product that we’ve ever made, and that’s saying something.

Spray TONIK into hair and beard after you get out of the shower, and let it work all day. TONIK soaks into scalp, skin and hair follicles with 20 natural, organic botanicals and essential oils for refreshed, rejuvenated, healthy scalp, hair and beard. Including saw palmetto, green tea, plus salicylic acid for deep cleaning.

How to Use | Shake before using to distribute botanicals. Spray in damp, clean hair out of the shower. Rub into scalp for maximum effect.

BUY TONIK REFILLS FOR A CLEANER PLANET:  The reason we made TONIK so beautiful is so you can refill it endlessly.  When you’ve used all your TONIK, put the empty bottle in your dishwasher to get it throughly clean, and refill it with a minimally packaged TONIK REFILL

No artificial color. No artificial scent. No parabens or formaldehyde-based chemical preservatives. No animal testing. Vegan. Gluten-free. Cruelty-free.

It’s 6-in-1 TONIK  | Hair conditioner, beard conditioner. scalp tonic. light-hold styling product. cutting lotion, and pH balancer (4.5) that resets hair and skin to a natural state.

It’s All Gender | Great for all types of scalp issues, thinning and fine hair. For those with more coarsely textured hair, TONIK should be supplemented with a rinse-out conditioner.

It’s Cutting Lotion | When using as a cutting lotion, apply only once. This is a conditioner and can overwhelm hair with oils.

TONIK+BALM Combo  | BALM is moisture activated. For line-ups and neck shaves, spray TONIK on skin first to activate.

It Encourages Clean Healthy Scalp ande DHT Control  | An effective natural scalp exfoliant that removes dirt, toxins and DHT from the pores. DHT is a naturally occurring testosterone in everyone’s bodies that is linked to hair thinning and hair loss.

It’s for the Minimalist  | We added a light hold to TONIK for those who are not fans of goopy products or wash ’n wear.

It’s Main Ingredient is Organic Banana Juice | Instead of adding water as the cheap filler most products use as a base ingredient, we start with Organic Banana Juice. That’s why CULT+KING products are so concentrated that you can use less to achieve more.  Banana Juice has exceptional benefits for scalp and follicle.

It uses CULT+KING’S SIGNATURE NATURAL PRESERVATIVE SYSTEM | Certified Organic Blueberry Tincture | A hydro-alcohol mixture prepared with certified organic blueberries infused into certified organic cane sugar alcohol to extract the widest spectrum of plants’ phytochemicals and antioxidants. Our hydro-alcohol neither dries not moisturizes, but is a perfect delivery system for our balanced, moisturizing and humectant ingredients.  Most importantly, our signature natural, organic tincture preservative system is paraben and formaldehyde-free.

It Contains Salicylic Acid |  An oil-soluable, beta-hydroxy acid and natural scalp exfoliant that penetrates into the pores of the scalp to loosen, dissolve and deep clean dirt, toxins and DHT (dihydrotestorsterone, a contributor to thinning hair) for best delivery of rejuvenating botanical ingredients.  Also speeds up cell turnover for ideal scalp conditions.

Ingredient Deck (most to least)

*Musa sapientum (Banana) Fruit Juice
*Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol)
*Vaccinium myrtillus (Blueberry) Fruit Extract
Salicylic Acid
*Hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water
Menthol (Menthol Crystals)
*Ocimum sanctum (Holy Basil) Leaf Extract
*Arctium lappa (Burdock) Root Extract
*Equisetum arvense (Horsetail) Extract
*Ulmus fulva (Slippery Elm) Bark Extract
*Salix alba (White Willow) Bark Extract
*Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract
*Arnica montana (Arnica) Flower Extract
*Achillea illefolium (Yarrow)
*Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Extract
*Hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract
*Scutellaria lateriflora (Skull Cap ) Extract
*Serenoa repens  (Saw Palmetto) Berry Extract
*Symphytum officinale (Comfrey) Leaf Extract
*Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract
*Camellia sinensis (White Tea) Leaf Extract
*Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Essential Oil
Cedrus atlantica (Cedarwood Atlas) Essential Oil
Eugenia caryophyllata (Clove) Leaf Essential Oil
Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Essential Oil
Caprylic Acid
Origanum vulgare (Oregano) Leaf Extract
Polyglyceryl-4 Caprylate
Decyl Glucoside
Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate
Xanthan Gum

*denotes organic ingredient

Frequently Asked Questions About TONIK

Q: What is the percentage of salicylic acid in TONIK?    A:  Individual batches and bottles average 1.25%.

Q:  Alcohol is one of the first three ingredients listed in TONIK.  Will alcohol dry out your hair, skin, and scalp? A:   There are many types of alcohol. Some are made from petrochemicals (isopropyl), and some are made from coconuts (cetyl). Some are very drying, and some are amazing moisturizers. The alcohol used in TONIK is ethyl alcohol–or more specifically it is organic sugar cane alcohol: it does not dry and it does not moisturize. It actually makes the skin more permeable which is great with our products, but can be bad news if it’s in something with bad ingredients. The main reason we use it in many of our products is that when we started, we had to go “pre-synthetic chemical,” seeking out Old World preservative systems. Alcohol has been used for centuries as a preservative, but we step it up and make it a tincture. Take BALM and TONIK for instance, both made with an organic blueberry tincture. Tinctures are like a super tea, actually 1,000 time stronger than regular tea with water. So the Tincture in BALM and TONIK preserves the product and when you use it on your skin it delivers a massive dose of organic anti-oxidants. Ethyl alcohol is rated a 2 on EWG and, if we are being honest, the reason it is higher than a 0 is because it’s not good for you if you drink it. We don’t suggest anyone drink our products. According to our TONIK lab reports, alcohol constitutes less than 5% by volume.

Q: Can I use TONIK on my face?    A:  We do not recommend TONIK on your face at full strength, especially your lips and eyelids. To try it on your face, we would cut TONIK with water by one-half, avoid eyes and lips, and do a small patch test.

28 reviews for TONIK

  1. Marissa Jones

    First of all, I’d like to just say that Tonik is a heaven sent, miracle worker. Not only does the fragrance smell amazing, but you can actually feel it work ! And it really does work well !! Im a full time hairstylist and before introducing products to my clients, I like to try them out first. Im very picky when it comes to product lines but Cult and King has won me over ! My boyfriend and I both use Tonik. He’s notice a significant amount of regrowth in both his hair and facial hair. For myself, I’ve noticed a good amount of regrowth and my hair feels a lot more healthy since incorporating this to the rest of my routine. Will definitely be purchasing more for myself, my boyfriend and my clients ! This stuffs amazing !

  2. Kat (verified owner)

    I almost didn’t order Tonik because I tend to be on the minimalist side in terms of hair and skin products. I’m thrilled that I did give it a try and will absolutely be buying refills. I have always had red bumps and acne on my scalp which stay hidden by my long hair but feel uncomfortable. After using Tonik for a month or so, my scalp has completely cleared up. The tingling was a bit scary the first time I used it, but now I look forward to the tingle that tells me it is working. And the smell can’t be beat! I am not sure if Tonik has stimulated hair regrowth but I wouldn’t be surprised. Trying to find a gentle way to suggest it to my balding dad…

  3. Jake Anderson (verified owner)

    I use this in conjunction with the pomade and setspray; see my pomade review. On days I don’t shampoo, i just spray this on my wet hair after the shower, since there is already pomade in there from the previous day. i add a little more pomade if necessary, and style accordingly.
    Love the smell. Love the way it makes my scalp tingle. My wife loves the smell, as well. I’ve also used this with only the setspray, and it works great. Will continue buying these products, and hoping they don’t stop making them!

  4. aweemousey (verified owner)

    In sixth grade we were learning to use the microscope. My lab partner, Miranda, turned to me and said that she wanted to know what dandruff looked like under the microscope. My insides sunk and I felt so small. I have struggled with a dry scalp for the majority of my life. Some of it may have been due to not properly washing products and shampoo out of my hair. However, after discovering Tonik, for the first time in forever, I am completely flake free. My scalp has never been happier or healthier. I am fragrance sensitive, and so the fact that the fragrance comes from natural sources and not chemicals makes it safe for me. No headache from fragrance. Healthy scalp. Beautiful bottle. All the stars.

  5. Anastasia Greer

    I love this so damn much. I recently purchased through Vacation Club in Portland and my husband I are obsessed! The scent is magical and I seriously dream of having a roll on scent with the same smell (!!!!). Will buy forever.

  6. Lindsey

    Five Stars!!! My wonderful stylist turned me onto this product when I asked for help with my dry, irritated scalp regardless of the use of gentle products. At first I thought the scent of the Tonik was a little strong but after about one week of use my brain literally craved the earthy, soulful scent. I noticed a drastic improvement in the flakiness of my scalp in about the same amount of time. I wash my hair 2-3 times per week and give my scalp a good spray while my hair is still damp. It is light enough that it does not diminish volume or feel like it changes the texture of my hair, and I do not have to wash any more frequently. The bottle lasts a very long time for me.

  7. Magdalen Ng

    Love love love love.
    Never using anything else.
    My hair: curly, coarse, thin/fine, unruly for the most part. I don’t wash much, and brush with a natural bristle brush daily. Air dry, never use hot tools.
    It’s like I have a crush on this stuff. I can’t stop talking about it. I walk past the bathroom and open the cupboard door just to look at it lovingly. I use it between washes, and add a little to my brushing routine to help encourage a happy scalp.
    I received it right after my regular wash, and I tried it out right away.
    WOW. It’s like my scalp sighed happily. Tingly, lovely smelling, and pleasant texture. My fiance said my hair looked very “happy” that night, and he keeps playing with my hair since. :o)
    Also bought the WASH bar and used this after washing today – already can say it’s a match made in Paradise.

  8. Kari (verified owner)

    Tonik is a multitasker.

    I got this not really knowing what problem I was trying to solve, but after using it a few months now it really has been great. I have always had an oily, flaky scalp with occasional breakouts, but not really dandruff. Dandruff shampoo has never helped. I didn’t really think Tonik would help with the flakiness and had no expectation that it would, but it has. It has helped so much. My scalp is noticeably less oily and less flaky. It seriously feels so much healthier and neutral. I am able to wash my hair less frequently since my scalp is less oily. I am also very happy with the light texturizing/defining it does with my curly hair.

    Hair Type: About a 3A. Long (hip length).
    I wash about once per week.

    I spray on my scalp and through damp hair. Then use for refreshes on days I don’t wash. I will also mix Tonik with Jelly when I want to add some volume.

    Half-Strength (with water added):
    *Please note this is my personal use and experience. C+K does not recommend using Tonik in this way.*
    I was so happy with how healthy my scalp feels that I decided to try it half strength on my armpits to help control BO and it has helped. I now spray half-strength Tonik on my pits, let it dry, then apply deodorant. Somedays I will just use half-strength Tonik as my deodorant and do a touch-up spritz during the day, as needed. I got one of the limited edition clear bottles to use for my half-strength Tonik mix.

  9. shalligan2014 (verified owner)

    I’m gonna go ahead and say this is a must have, I’m obsessed! Love the smell, and the way it adds texture to my hair without weighing it down. I spray into my scalp and brush through, really a game changer for irritated skin as well. I was introduced to this line through my salon, and I’m so glad I found it! A company who’s passion shines through in every product isn’t easy to find. In addition to one who cares about the environment and creating less waste – who wouldn’t be onboard with that?! The reusable bottles is something I hope more industries adopt – great to be part of the revolution!

  10. Kaelee Butner

    My hairdresser introduced me to this product and I am obsessed. I have been bleaching my hair and doing vivid colors for over six years now. I also workout a ton and have a super sweaty scalp. For six years I struggled with washing my hair enough to keep the sweat pimples away but not so much that I prematurely faded my color. Dry shampoo never seemed to help with my scalp, so I never really found that balance and just dealt with painful cyst like bumps from the sweat on my scalp. I started using this product a couple of months or so ago and haven’t had a sweat pimple since! Once I finish my workout I spray it directly onto my scalp and rub it in. The tingling helps me feel like I actually shampooed my hair and the scent also works wonders for that. Now I can keep my color vibrant and still workout as much as I want! Also the bottle is beautiful and it a make my bathroom counter look so pretty!

  11. Gabrielle (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely magical and worth every penny. My hairdresser recently started using Tonik in her salon and told me it had helped her regrow all of her postpartum hair loss since having her daughter a year ago. 3 weeks after having my second baby, distraught at the amount of hair clogging my shower drain after every wash, I ran over and bought a bottle from her. After ONE use, there was no more hair in the shower drain after washing! I have been using Tonik on damp hair after every wash for about 3 months and I can already see a visible difference in my hair. No more dandruff, hardly any hair falling out during washing or brushing, it looks healthier, and I can see the “baby hairs” around my hairline are actually growing back in! (They never grew all the way back after my first daughter was born over 3 years ago)
    I plan on buying this as a gift for all my girlfriends when they have babies!

  12. Cat

    This stuff is a god send. My hair is wavy to curly but not very thick, and it gets weighed down by product easily. I’m always looking for something to bring out my curls and give me volume, but no matter what I use I end up with either dried out or flat hair. After showering, I dried my hair a bit with a diffuser to get it damp, sprayed in tonik, then finished drying. My hair has never looked for felt better. It’s soft, my curls are more present and more defined, and it smells fantastic. Worth every penny!

  13. Alice (verified owner)

    This is the only product I have EVER used that has kept me from scratching my scalp into a bloody mess. I have a nevus sebaceous on my crown that gets SUPER irritated and itchy, but since I’ve been spraying Tonik on it I don’t even notice it anymore. Plus, I can go longer between washes with zero flakes. I am astonished, and my dermatologist is happy that I’m leaving my poor scalp alone.

  14. Meghan Fischer

    Unfortunately, I didn’t look at the ingredients list closely. I’m allergic to aspirin and salicylic acid is a derivative, which causes my skin to react. It does smell good though and I’ll let my dude give it a try to see if he might like it.

    • Web Master (verified owner)

      Hi, Meghan, Yes even though TONIK contains a low percentage of Salicylic Acid, we don’t like the idea of you even trying a test patch. Good news is as long as your dude doesn’t have that allergy it is particularly great for the guys. One of our amazing ingredients Organic Saw Palmetto has been shown to reduce prostate cancer in several studies. We also will be coming out with a Salicylic Free TONIK alternative in 2021. It’s called Superwater, made with Rosewater and loaded with anti-oxidants for your hair and skin. We want to have alternative for everyone with allergies. In the meantime, we also invite you to reach out to for a refund.

  15. Amanda (verified owner)

    This is soooo Good!! I’ve tried so many different ‘clean’ versions of hair growth products without noticing much of a change, if any. The new growth along my hair line is blowing my mind!! My hair is usually so sluggish but i can tell a huge difference since using this. My hair is very fine but it feels like it has a little more body and just looks healthier. Love how this give my scalp a clean, fresh feeling, too. A+, 5 stars – I’m a believer!

  16. Susan Llewellyn

    Fantastic product. My hairdresser in Oakland, CA, turned me on to Tonik about six months ago and I’ve been using it ever since. It fills a void in my hair care routine that I didn’t know existed, and my hair and scalp are happier for it. I use it after hair washes as directed and also between washes – it’s an excellent between-wash curl-booster and moisturizer for those of us with naturally curly hair. My hair is softer, less frizzy, has more body and is more manageable since I’ve started using this. Turned my hubby onto it and he loves it as well, especially for its scalp conditioning properties. While I love the packaging and the waste-reducing refills, I happen to have really small hands with health-related dexterity issues, so the beautiful spray bottle it comes in somewhat awkward for me to grasp and spray, especially if my hands are wet. it’s definitely not a deal breaker, but if you ever do a packaging redesign, you may want to consider testing your bottles among a wider range of people with a variety of hand sizes and levels of dexterity.

    • Web Master (verified owner)

      Hi, Susan! We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying TONIK. We know of many people who are using the Mini bottles as their everyday bottle. It’s just as beautiful as the big bottle and just as easy to refill but smaller in the hand. Maybe that’s an idea!

  17. Jennie

    This has made a great improvement to my plaque psoriasis on the back of my head! I have been given multiple prescriptions and nothing worked long term. This takes care of the itching and flakes.

  18. Julie (verified owner)

    When I asked my hairdresser for a product that would help with a flaky scalp, she very kindly gave me what she had left of this product. I noticed a big difference, especially in oiliness; my second day hair looks a lot better with this product! That being said, for a few days now I’ve been using a new bottle I just purchased and it doesn’t seem as concentrated, I don’t get that tingly feeling anymore, the smell isn’t as strong, and my hair seems to be oilier on the second day. But I do think it still helps and will keep using it.

  19. Tess

    I got covid in august 2020 and afterwards, I started to have massive scalp breakouts and infections. I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and had to start looking for cures because the breakouts are incredibly painful. I came across this brand on a hair tutorial TikTok where the Jelly product was featured as the woman’s fav hair product. When I first visited this site, I saw this Tonik and noticed it didn’t have any ingredients in it that feed the growth of the yeast that causes seb derm. I bought a mini of both the Tonik and Jelly to try them out.
    I expected to have good results with this product because I also want to promote hair growth but I never expected that this Tonik would completely cure my seb derm. It’s unreal. I haven’t had a single spot breakout in weeks. I could cry; this product is a total god send. I had completely changed out all my hair and face products to remove all the ingredients that feed seb derm… while they helped, I was still having spots pop up every other day or so. But no more.
    I HIGHLY recommend you check this product out if you have any scalp issues. From the other reviews, it seems to have helped multiple issues, not just my seb derm.

    • Web Master (verified owner)

      Hi, Tess, We are so glad to hear that TONIK helped you so much. Thank you for sharing your experience. Nature for the win! It’s important for us to emphasize that TONIK is not a cure or treatment of any kind; it is simply a fantastic combination of natural, botanical ingredients designed to help create ideal scalp conditions… to give your scalp, cells, and follicles the best chance to do their own beautiful thing.

  20. Cait L

    I dyed my hair about 2 years ago and noticed A LOT of hair loss for months afterwards and have been struggling to grow it out since. I usually like to stick with simple and inexpensive options, but wasn’t seeing much progress with anything l was using. I recently talked to my hairstylist (Thanks Alanee!!) about it and she recommended this tonic and even used it on my scalp to show me how it works. I decided to give it a try and I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. I’ve only been using it for about 2-3 weeks now and I have noticed new hair growth within a week of using it! I’ve noticed way less hair falling out in the shower and even during the day. I’m so glad I took her advice because I literally have never found something that works this well! It feels GREAT and I FREAKING LOVE THE SMELL! Definitely worth it, get yourself a bottle!!

  21. Lindsay

    My hair is curly (ringlets) but fine, sort of like baby hair, so I needed something light to restore moisture, maintain curls, and help with frizz. I tried this after using other Cult and King products in the past and it is a miracle. I use it to lock in moisture but it does so much more. It keeps my hair moisturized even on the hottest driest summer days, smells wonderful, and is a magical detangler. Please never stop making this! I get so many compliments on my hair now that it is able to be its true self. Thank you go the stylist at Transfiguration Salon in Philly for recommending it!

  22. Jen

    I will NEVER be without Tonik! If you have an itchy scalp, just order it NOW. It is the most refreshing way to make your scalp happy. My favorite way to use it is in between wash days. I spray it on my fingertips and massage it into my scalp. My scalp instantly looks, feels and smells fresh. Such a winner!

  23. Vi Le (verified owner)

    LOVE THIS STUFF! This bottle is gorgeous, the smell is fantastic, and the ingredients are *chef’s kiss*
    Also…. For 420 lovers :
    I spray this stuff on my scalp when I’m smoking pot and it feels so tingly and soothing .. you can REALLY feel it iyky

  24. Laura Ellis (verified owner)

    I don’t know how this stuff works, but I do know it’s magic. I’ve used everything from drug store crap to expensive organic shampoos, and always had gross and greasy hair by the middle of day two after washing. Using TONIK, not only does my hair feel fresh and smell good for DAYS, but it also just lays better and acts better. And looks better. And feels better. Plus the TONIK smells like a fancy mocktail. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

  25. jazzmin (verified owner)

    My hair has never felt so good! it’s amazingly soft and light and I want to touch it all the time. I haven’t had any tingling feelings but I’m sure that’s fine ;) 100% recommend

  26. Outer Stace

    So I just left the salon. I had to text my stylist to find out why I smelled so awesome. Wow. He was fresh out ( not surprisingly_, but I am purchasing TODAY and I am in love with this. I second the reviewer who is hoping for a roll on of this smell. It is magical. And… my hair is amazingly healthy looking/feeling. Magic!

  27. Kirsti Rodgers (verified owner)

    I am totally in love with this spray, it feels absolutely amazing on my scalp. The tingle feels so refreshing and it makes my scalp feel fantastic rather than a little tight & itchy after a wash. The smell is fabulous and I love that it doesn’t make my roots feel gritty at all. My only issue is it makes me want to wash my hair more than I need to! This product going to make Christmas shopping significantly easier this year. I’m so glad I saw Real Life + Curly Girl (Alyson) do a review on her YouTube channel, she is my favorite wavy haired person to follow for tips. I also love the feelings the bottles themselves elicit, they remind me of being a little girl playing with my mother’s make-up and perfumes. Such a lovely way to spark a memory.

  28. Connie

    I’ve been using Tonik for a few weeks based on the recommendation of reallifecurlygirl on YouTube / Instagram. I have fine wavy / puffy hair and have been searching for a product that would tame frizz, support my natural texture, but not feel like product on my hair and tonik has been perfect. I can’t speak on long term results, but I’ve been embracing and loving my natural hair thanks to tonik.

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