CULT+KING TONIK  REFILL 12oz |  REFILL TONIK TWO TIMES |   In a distinct, durable and infinitely-recyclable aluminum bottle.  12 fl oz. (354 ml).  Save the planet, and save 25% per ounce versus buying a new bottle.  Special thanks to Jodie Steagall at 220 Salon in Portland, Oregon.  Jodie, we listened, and we did it.  Note: This item DOES NOT ship with a funnel to use for refilling your TONIK bottle. If you don’t have the funnel that came with your TONIK bottle, please add one for free to your order here.

Manufacturer: Alkhemy LLC | Brand: CULT+KING


What is the shelf life for a TONIK Refill?  It is best to be used within two years of manufacture, and one year after opening. Our essential oil fragrance can oxidize and start to break down; the product will still work just may start to smell a bit different and not have as much botanical punch.