Silicones are pervasive in our industry, and everyone seems addicted. It’s in styling products, shampoos, conditioners, co-washes, lipsticks, mascaras, lotions, and more. While manufacturers claim silicones are natural since they derive from silica (similar to sand), they undergo extensive processing with petrochemicals. The plastics industry even classifies silicones as a “synthetic rubber.” That doesn’t sound particularly natural to us.

The challenge CULT+KING faces? The cosmetics industry, hairstylists, and consumers seem to be enchanted by them. Silicones give the illusion of healthy hair. Even if you don’t know you have “cones” in your” luxury” hair care. After application, everyone immediately notices the softness, sheen, and improved detangling of their hair. In your own shower or at the salon, it feels as though your hair has miraculously come back healthy. The truth, the underlying damage persists, the shine is fake, and the tangles remain underneath a rubber coating. 

But what if…. and stay with us here,  you could achieve genuine softness, shine, and manageability because your hair is truly healthy and mended? A crazy notion, isn’t it? Our focus is on nurturing a healthy scalp first. After all, a living scalp has the ability to heal. But hair is not alive, and often requires an extra level of care, for us, that’s the botanical kind. 

Meet Organic Linden Bud Extract, full of phytochemicals, polysaccharides, peptides, and amino acids. This unique extract possesses incredible benefits, but let’s highlight just one: it seals your hair cuticle, essentially your hair’s protective layer. A sealed cuticle means protected hair that’s not only shiny due to a flattened cuticle reflecting light but also resistant to tangles as the cuticles won’t snag against each other. Ultimately, shiny, soft, and tangle-free hair becomes a natural outcome of its repeated use.

So, rather than slathering your hair in petroleum-processed synthetic rubber to pretend it’s better, let’s genuinely enhance its condition. Both our JELLY and STYLE are enriched with Organic Linden Bud Extract, so you know you are doing something real.

Jared – Founder, CULT + KING