Congratulations to OPAL Environmental Justice Portland.

The votes have been tallied.  A handful of great non-profits were neck and neck through the end, but at the last minute OPAL Environmental Justice in Portland, OR took a commanding lead.  CULT+KING has a big following in Portland, and you all brought it home in the end.

We are excited to learn more about the work the organization is doing, and to share their stories with you.  CULT+KING’s giving is focused on the area of Environmental Racism, for which there is immense need not only in terms of programming but also in awareness in general.

In a new tweak this year to our One Percent for the Planet donation, we opted to give Jared the honor of awarding a $5,000 Founder’s Gift to the non-profit of his choice from the list of nominees.  He selected Rid-All Green Partnership in Cleveland, OH, the smallest, most fledging non-profit on the list, but with a compelling story.  You know Jared, always rooting for the underdog.

We encourage everyone to find an environmental non-profit you believe in, and give them time, money, talents, or just help them spread the word.