Vote April 22 – 27 for the Non-Profit to Receive our One Percent Donation.

It’s the best day of the year again.  We’re like giddy kids, scoping out the choices, imagining the possibilities.

Many of us at CULT+KING are frequent lifelong donors to a broad variety of causes, but this One Percent donation, growing year to year, is at a whole new level.  This year’s donation is a game-changer for some of the smaller organizations on our list.  And also this year, you have a long list to choose from.  We have not been very good at narrowing down the field for you.

We checked out their websites. We read about them on GuideStar. We even reviewed their 990 forms on ProPublica. Everyone here has a favorite.

Some of us are rooting for the tiniest, fledging groups on the list:  like RID-ALL in Cleveland, Ohio, a group of boyhood friends grown up and trying to change the lives of today’s kids in their old neighborhood.  Some of us are rooting for Harlem Grown, because New York has had one rough ride these past couple of years, and maybe this can help. Some of us fell hard for our 2019 recipient Louisiana Bucket Brigade and are still in love — Those people are down there fighting hard to keep dirty industry out of their backyards. And last year’s recipient Oakland’s Farms to Grow was so relieved for the out-of-the-blue donation that allowed them to buy refrigeration equipment to help their local black farmers get their crops to market and survive.

This part of our business is an honor and a privilege and a joy. Thank you for making it a reality. We can’t wait to see how the final vote comes out.

Living is giving.

VOTE HERE now through Wednesday, April 27 at noon MST.

One vote per day per email address.