Sales tax is coming. Submit your state exemption certificate now to avoid paying it.

One after another, our Avalara sales tax software is letting us know that we are about to pass thresholds in many states that will require us to collect sales taxes on all online purchases shipped to those states.  This is primarily being caused by the growing number of retail purchases being shipped across the country, but it will affect ALL PURCHASES — even the business-to-business wholesale orders shipped to C+K wholesale accounts.

We have always collected sales tax on orders shipped to our home state of Utah, but Illinois and North Carolina start May 1, and Minnesota begins June 1.

We have created a whole page with important information about this and all the forms you need.

  • Many of you may already have your state exemption forms filled out and ready to send to your vendors upon request. Feel free to send us those even if they are different than the forms included on our page.
  • Many of you don’t have a sales tax exemption number from your state.  If this is the case, please email so we will stop bugging you for your forms.  And also please know that it’s okay.  You can still buy wholesale from us; you will just have to pay sales tax on your purchase.
  • Some people are submitting their federal EIN number (Employer Identification Number) issued by the IRS.  (Format looks like ##-#######). That is not applicable for sales tax exemption, which is a state tax and state-issued number.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this.

And thanks even more for joining the clean-ingredients, planet-before-profit, put-small-business-first, rad-hair revolution with CULT+KING.

We’re just getting started.