Introducing the new CULT+KING Tool Sling.

Jared went off again and created something new:  The CULT+KING Tool Sling.  Busy guy, that one. Always thinking.

He’s been working on it for months, adding different features and testing different versions on his Fridays behind the chair.  His salon stylists and CULT+KING staff have been part of the experimentation too, testing versatility and durability.  Tiny stylist Jamie proudly sports “an early prototype” she uses every day at the salon, while C+K’s 6’5″ Production Lead Sam wears his skiing at Alta and Snowbird.

Jared loaded his own kit into it for the photos, and says he can’t work without it now.

So have a look:  Tool Sling | WHOLESALE 1-Pack (MSRP $65 ea.)

Maybe this is just what you need too.