Our HELLA AWESOME referral program is being used by more CULT+KING wholesale accounts than ever!

If you haven’t already, be sure to include your unique link on your website and Linktree.  It’s an easy way to direct your guests to shop at cultandking.com and get credit for their purchases.  PLUS with our Lifetime Customers feature, your guests’ email addresses will automatically generate referrals for you when they shop the site after their initial purchase without needing to come through a special link.

We just added QR codes to make it easier for in-person sales as well.  You can download your unique QR code (as well as view your HELLA AWESOME stats) from your wholesale area of cultandking.com here:  HELLA AWESOME Program Details and Rules

You can even buy customized cards with your unique QR Code that we will design, print, and ship directly to you from the printing company:  HELLA AWESOME Referral Cards

Our commitment to indie small businesses is a big part of our mission. The HELLA AWESOME Referral Program is only available to CULT+KING wholesale accounts.  No lifestyle influencers, review websites, or media companies allowed.  Whoever said that the greatest products in the world can’t be available exclusively from the smallest companies in the world?

We are so grateful to help small businesses survive and thrive.  We’re not here to make one thousand million dollars. We’re here to change the world.

Transform your thinking. Cause the possibilities.