This is a public service announcement.

If you receive a shipment from us with the logo packing tape cut and the box resealed using plain clear packing tape, please contact us immediately.  It means that the chain of custody for the package has been broken somewhere between our warehouse, the carrier, and you.  Some unknown person has had possession of the box; opened it; did who-knows-what with the contents; and put it back where the intended recipient can find it.

This particular package was delivered yesterday to the home of a CULT+KING wholesale account in Florida.  She was not there when UPS delivered it so she doesn’t know exactly what it looked like on arrival. (If it looks like this, refuse delivery. Likely UPS would never attempt delivery of a box so hastily sealed, and would return it to us on their own).  When the customer got home, this is what she found.  The merchandise inside appeared ransacked with JELLY bottles outside the tubes, etc.  She called to complain that our packing of this order was not acceptable.

This is not the first time we have had this situation come up with CULT+KING shipments.

This order was tampered with by unknown persons, and incidents like these are on the rise – both with wholesale and retail orders we ship out. You hear a lot on the news about people who steal packages from your porch.  There are also people taking them, rifling through them, and then putting them back… both in residential and commercial settings. It’s an unbelievable and unbearable thought.

The products inside the box should not be used or sold.  Contact us and we will make it right. Your safety and that of your customers is the most important thing.