Set up ACH payout of your HELLA AWESOME affiliate commissions in two quick steps below:

(1). Create a payout account by answering all six questions below, then press “Register for Payouts Service.”  Tips:  The first question, “Account” refers to the bank or debit account you will send the money to. Does your bank classify it as a personal account or a business account? Please avoid typos throughout this process, as making corrections may result in lengthy delays in receiving your cash commission transfers.

(2). This will open up a secure pop-up window in Stripe, the gold standard payment processor for e-commerce websites.  Fill in your bank or debit card details. You’re all set.

Your data will be safe.  No sensitive financial data is stored on this website. It is all securely stored on Stripe servers. Stripe is the industry-leading, super-secure payment processor, which will be forwarding your commissions to your financial institution.

IMPORTANT:  In the space above called Custom Affiliate Slug, you can change your unique affiliate link. As soon as you do so, the prior link will stop working, and must be changed everywhere immediately. All previously generated Campaign links and QR Codes will stop working as well.  Your current active affiliate link can always be found in the “LINKS” Tab.


CULT+KING does not pay commissions directly to affiliates through bank transfer, mailing a check, Paypal, Venmo, or any other means.  We outsource the process to a company called Payouts Service | Sandhills Development, LLC.  That means that we electronically send them a bulk sum of money every time we initiate a payout, and they electronically forward each commission to each affiliate’s designated account using Stripe, the industry-leading secure payment processor.

Payouts Service | Sandhills Development, LLC, a company based in the United States, is the “merchant of record” for all CULT+KING cash affiliate commissions that you receive. They are the ones automating everything and moving the money around, so the IRS considers them to be the entity paying CULT+KING affiliates. Though your bank statement may reference “Alkhemy LLC | CULT+KING” as the source of your referral commissions, you are receiving the money transfer from “Payouts Service | Sandhills Development LLC.”  This means that Sandhills, LLC is responsible for sending all necessary tax forms to payout recipients who are US citizens. This is part of the service they provide to CULT+KING as the vendor we outsource this to. We have been assured that they comply with all IRS rules and regulations. (If you belong to multiple affiliate programs, you may receive commissions in the same manner from other companies through “Payouts Service | Sandhills Development, LLC.”)


All payout recipients who are US citizens receiving funds into US accounts will receive a 1099 tax form. The form will be from Sandhills Development, LLC because they are the merchant of record. This 1099 form will report the summed total of all earnings paid through the Payouts Service for the respective calendar year.

For the annual 1099s, any affiliates that need to update their account details are sent an email in January with a link to access and update their information. This is not for all affiliates, just those that need updates, which is determined by Stripe. The subject of that email is “Identity Information Required To File 1099-NEC Tax Form.” In case they might have missed this email or it went to your SPAM folder, search for “1099” in the email subject line to locate it.

If no account details require updating, the 1099 form itself is emailed directly to each affiliate where they can view and download the form. Below is a sample email on how the message content will appear; the subject of the email will be “Your Payouts Service 1099 tax form is ready”.

Who Needs to Get a 1099 Form? Usually, anyone who was paid $600 or more in non-employment income should receive a 1099.

Who is exempt from receiving a 1099-MISC?  Generally, C Corporations, S Corporations, and LLCs formed as corporations or S Corps don’t need to receive a 1099-NEC or 1099-MISC.
If there are any questions or issues with the bank or debit account data you have entered into this Settings Page, you will hear from Sandhills by email to verify or update your Payout Settings.  We at CULT+KING may be able to see in our affiliate program dashboard that your payout is delayed or failed, but we do not have access to the data to fix it and retry your payout.  We may not even be aware that Sandhills has reached out to you by email about the Payout.  While we seek to help in every way we can, please search “Sandhills” in your email inbox and SPAM folders.  Responding to their email will be the speediest and most effective resolution to move your affiliate commission into your bank account.
Look for an email from Payouts from Sandhills Development – Subject line: Unable to send your earnings from