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CULT+KING® VEGAN BALM | MANIFEST MOISTURE FOR HAIR STYLING AND FACE.  Start with a small amount, working it into wet or dry hair to define shape and accentuate texture, curls, and waves, while taming frizz and smoothing ends. Pre-style before blow-drying or air-drying. Smooth some on your face, neck, or beard while you’re at it. VEGAN BALM’s liquid crystal emulsion delivers deep moisture without greasiness.  | Vegan. Alcohol-free. For all hair types and lengths.
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Not just a vegan rendition of our beloved CULT+KING BALM, but an enlightened marvel cream.  Luscious botanical oils provide massive moisture. Steeped in blueberry antioxidants, pumpkin seed, and jojoba oil. The liquid crystal emulsion formulation in VEGAN BALM mimics the lipidic composition of the skin surface for a deep moisturizing effect without oiliness and greasiness.  


Start with a dime-size dab, working it into wet or dry hair to define shape and accentuate texture, curls, and waves, while taming frizz and smoothing ends. You can always add more. Pre-style before blow-drying or air-drying. 

Does your hair have the puffy, too-clean look right after you wash it? 2nd-day hair always looks the best. A little bit of VEGAN BALM lets you have it instantly on the first day.


We’ve always said we were a skincare company masquerading as a hair care company. (That’s because great hair begins with the skin of your scalp.) The non-greasy, no-alcohol, whipped-creamy, gentle, deep moisture of VEGAN BALM proves it.  

For daytime and nighttime. Perfect for applying before your sunscreen – which of course, is a must.

To use as an eye cream, dab it under your eyes to wake up your face. Caffeine makes skin look tighter. No more hungover look.


To use it as an exfoliant, simply apply it to the skin. VEGAN BALM’s natural malic and tartaric acid sourced from organic fruit do the work without the damaging physical abrasion of other exfoliants. VEGAN BALM gently and effectively removes the top dead layer of skin while at the same time moisturizing the new skin underneath.


For all-gender shaving, pre-shave, and after-shave.  Use right out of the shower for best results. Apply an almond-size amount to wet shaving area, and let it soften hair for 2-3 minutes. Splash hot water on the shaving area, and rub in another almond-sized amount to create a thin layer of wet non-lathering cream for good glide. After shaving, rinse and dry, and apply VEGAN BALM for extra moisture. Expect less razor burn and irritation, more smoothness. No foam to dry your skin.


To use as an alternative to beard oil: Massage into beard, working down to the skin. VEGAN BALM softens whiskers and helps you shape your beard without the sparkling shine of beard oil, for a cleaner, more natural look. Moistens skin and makes your beard smell great.


Mix in your hands with other CULT+KING favorites before applying.

  • Mix with JELLY for more moisturizing curly hold.
  • Cut with TONIK for a thinner cream.
  • Add to STYLE for an extra moisturizing de-frizz.

Ingredients (Most to Least):

Water (Aqua)
*Butyrospermum parkii (Shea) Oil
Cetearyl Olivate
Sorbitan Olivate
*Theobroma cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter
Glyceryl Stearate
Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax
*Cucurbita pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil
*Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil
*Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil
*Vitis vinifera (Grapeseed) Oil
Glyceryl Caprylate
*Musa paradisiaca (Banana) Fruit Juice
*Vaccinium corymbosum (Blueberry) Fruit Extract
*Eugenia caryophyllus (Clove) Flower Oil
*Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Oil
*Piper nigrum (Black Pepper) Fruit Oil
Citrus paradisi (Pink Grapefruit) Peel Oil
*Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil
*Mentha viridis (Spearmint) Leaf Oil
*Cedrus atlantica (Atlas Cedarwood) Wood Oil
Cetearyl Alcohol
Cetearyl Glucoside
Caprylhydroxamic Acid
Sodium Phytate
Tartaric Acid
Malic Acid
Xanthan Gum

*denotes organic ingredient

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7 reviews for VEGAN BALM | Manifest Moisture for Hair Styling and Face

  1. Lucinda Foreman (verified owner)

    UNIQUE PRODUCT! This is nothing like I’ve tried before. It is a heavy cream with a bit of hold in hair. On my face, it’s so heavy and moisturizing that I was not a fan – but then again that is awesome because holy moisture! Perfect for dry post shower hair and elbows. A little goes A LONG WAY so you get your $$$’s worth. Very fragrant as well. I use it after TONIK to get perfect hair.

  2. Jenny Smith

    WOW!! This product is amazing!! I have used it on my hair and face and it is marvelous. So happy I found this product and company. I highly recommend and I’ll definitely be purchasing more of your products!! Thank you! ps. I love that you are a small business owner!

  3. Tennessee DELUXE ON DEPOT Greeneville (verified owner)

    Incredible multi use product. I love it by itself on my skin and in my hair. It’s been amazing for my chapped lips and dry cuticles. I love it mixed with style and pomade. I can’t wait for the refill, I never want to be without it.

  4. Racheal C (verified owner)

    Obsessed with this – to be honest, I originally only bought the vegan balm because I loved the jar so much, but I ended up liking this way more than the original balm. Thanks to the advice of someone at Cult & King I mix a tiny bit of this with two drops of Jelly and add to my hair after Superwater, and it makes my hair so soft, and it feels/looks a lot thicker too! I’ve also used it as a moisturizer and shaving cream and it’s great in both of those applications too. I’ve started buying this as a gift for friends so they understand how great it is!

  5. RD (verified owner)

    Amazing! The original Balm was nice but my skin just doesn’t absorb beeswax-based creams and it was much too heavy for my fine hair. Shea however… fantastic! I cut a very tiny dab of Vegan Balm with Tonik and damp hands, then work into clean dry hair for smoothing and detangling without weighing it down.

  6. Colorado | VANLOVING BARBER Fort Collins (verified owner)

    I love this product sooo much…. Only reason why it’s a 4 star is because it doesn’t come with a refill purchase option.

  7. Ohio | CEREMONY Columbus (verified owner)

    This product is a godsend! We carry all of Cult + King products in our salon! Ceremony Studio located in Columbus OH, aims to do good for the planet and the people and this line supports our mission. I love the balm for hair obviously, but in the winter when my skin is dry its nice to have this around to rub onto my face and hands!

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