is up to you.

Dear friends,

It’s a small thing to ask, and a big thing too.  Everyone’s time is precious, but so is our planet.

We’re giving 1 cent of every dollar you’ve spent with us to a non-profit fighting environmental racism. We have pre-selected three non-profits for the final vote, and we invite you to weigh in on where your money goes.

Read all about them below. Voting ends on Friday, April 29 at noon MST.  The non-profit with the most votes at the end of the voting period will be the recipient of this year’s donation.

Spread the word. Every year as CULT+KING grows, the donation takes on more and more significance for the smaller nonprofits we favor.  We couldn’t do it without you. And we can’t wait to see who you pick.

Louisiana Bucket Brigade, New Orleans, LA

We love these guys. They are a past recipient of our One Percent donation, and we can’t help but put them on the ballot every year. Their organization started by giving local residents buckets to collect the air in their backyards to be tested and has grown into a hotbed of local grassroots organization and activism complete with protest signs, community rallies, public hearing testimony, scientific air monitoring, and soil sampling. They are ride-or-die in their pursuits and have been arrested in their peaceful protests more than once. What’s their cause? The predominately African-American and disproportionately impoverished residents of Lousiana’s “Cancer Alley,” all the towns and neighborhoods next to the state’s oil refineries, chemical plants, and other petrochemical infrastructure. The places most impacted by pollution. These are the OGs, people. Check out their website at | @labucketbrigade

Guidestar Silver Rating 2021

Charity Navigator 3 Stars

People Over Plastic, a Program of Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, Occidental, CA

The name alone stopped us in our tracks. This organization speaks our language. They are a Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) storytelling collective working toward an anti-racist and plastic-free future. How? Communication. Through their environmental justice-focused podcast and in-person story salon gatherings, their stories present real people on the ground in the middle of the issues, credible voices that spark realizations and insights. These are the kinds of stories the average person doesn’t regularly get to hear. We always say it’s going to take an army of the like-minded working together to turn things around on this planet. And some of the people in that army need microphones. Have a look and a listen at | @peoplexplastic

Guidestar Gold 2023

Charity Navigator 4 Stars

Green Amendments for the Generations, Bristol, PA

Once you learn more about this organization’s cause, it seems so obvious. Imagine if every state passed a Green Amendment establishing the rights to a clean, safe, and healthy environment as being among our most cherished civil liberties. Their work is a response to the current system where higher protection is given to property and gun rights than the essential human right to clean water and air, healthy soils and environments, and a stable climate; where Indigenous Communities, People of Color, and low-income communities live in environmental sacrifice zones where quality of life, health, and safety are undermined. To date, they have inspired Green Amendment proposals and/or grassroots organizing in over 15 states. This is thought leadership at its best. Dream big at | @greenamendments

Guidestar Platinum 2023

Charity Navigator not rated