It’s an overnight phenomenon experience. Hair compliments fill the air. Why? Because healthy scalp means great hair.

Who should use TONIK? Everybody who washes their hair with water, that’s who. Hair pH is 4.5. Water pH is 7.2. With a pH of 4.5, TONIK returns hair to a natural state after washing, resulting in less color loss, less moisture loss, less hair breakage, less hair dullness, fewer tangles, and lots of shine. TONIK is not a substitute for any hair product you’re currently using. It’s the new addition to your haircare regimen your hair has been waiting for.

Who in particular will adore TONIK?

  • People with curly hair, especially who air dry or co-wash.
  • Itchy scalp.
  • Hair loss.  We know a 20-something who rubs it into her husband’s scalp every night because she wants him to keep what he’s got up there.
  • Frequent swimmers in the pool or ocean.
  • Oily, dry or ignored scalps.
  • The over-50 crowd. Talk about results. 50% of women over 50 have hair loss too.
  • Athletes & others who wash their hair every day.
  • People who spend all day in air conditioning.
  • Avid dry shampoo & hair powders users.
  • Bleach blondes & people with fashion colors.
  • Anyone who colors their hair & wants it to last.
  • Product junkies.

“Is this something new and extra I need to start doing to my hair?” Yes, it is, because of what daily living and products and toxins has been doing to your hair and scalp for years. It’s like the dental floss of hair care. There is no substitute. (And you know what they say about flossing:  “Only floss the teeth you want to keep.”)