In Our World, Indie is Everything.

What’s the best thing about being a part of CULT+KING?  Dealing with independent thinkers all day long. Independent business owners are today’s thought leaders that matter, and every one of their employees soaks up the juju too.  Our CULT+KING wholesale accounts make up some of the best, brightest salons, barbershops, apothecaries and lifestyle boutiques in the country, led by fierce individualists who shook off the “this-is-how-everyone-else-does-it” rules long ago to pursue their own vision and passion. Bunch of rule-breakers, you are.

All CULT+KING users are just as much an inspiration, and reminder that average people want to see better things as well. What a great bunch humans.  Stepping into the open frontier.  Unafraid of what lies beyond.  Hungry to be the first to see what’s coming over the horizon.