There’s a Reason Our Tag Line Is “Transform Your Thinking. Cause the Possibilities.”

It could be “Great Hair the Natural Way” or some other pedestrian phrase like “everyone-else-does-it.”  But we at CULT+KING exited that world long ago.  That’s the world that got our planet and society and consumer habits into the mess we’re in.  We are thinking about the products we use in a whole new way, and encouraging others to do the same.  We’re independent through and through in every way.  Trying to make the best products we possibly can, and create the best company we can, based on our VALUES AND BELIEFS. These days that is true revolutionary thinking.

Fairness and transparency and doing-the-right-thing are almost strange cult-like ways to live your life.  But it’s a cult we’re happy to belong to, and it’s the cult that will be king.  Keep the faith, people. Love always wins. Always.  And indie always leads the way. And, by the way, plastic really does suck.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for being you.