JELLY is now shipping with glass droppers instead of cream pumps.

Dear friends,

We had an A-HA moment recently. Finally.

Maybe it’s all those peptides Jared’s on. Actually, it was a lovely and brilliant stylist at a CULT+KING retailing salon who suggested we switch from dispensing JELLY with cream pumps to JELLY with droppers.

Hallelujah! Works like a charm every time. What’s the use of making the greatest haircare products in the world if you can’t get them out of the bottle?  (We are listening.)

Effective today, every JELLY full-size bottle and mini is shipping with a glass dropper.

And there are free replacement droppers available on the website — tall for full-size bottles, and short for mini-bottles.

We promised you news from CULT+KING, and there’s a lot more good stuff coming.

Stay tuned.