The Beginning of a Series of Auspicious Events.

Dear friends,

We’ve been a little quiet lately. Not our usual in-your-face, let’s-break-this-bullshit selves. You have to admit, these last few years have been trying times.  Who hasn’t paused for introspection, for listening, for re-evaluation, for just some rest. Or maybe it was a little bit of a sophomore slump.  It’s pretty intimidating when your first album is so damn good, how are you going to follow it up?  Well, fuck that shit, let’s go!

Effective today, two things have already happened.

First, CULT+KING has no minimum order to get wholesale pricing on full-size and refill products. Begone 6-packs! No more 3-packs either. You can order 20 of this, 1 of that, and whatever else you want. We are so pleased and proud to finally be really, truly “No MINIMUM Wholesale Order”.  This will make our products and our message accessible to indie businesses of all sizes from one-person-shops to multi-million-dollar salons.  You asked for it, and now you have it.  (One caveat for now: Minis are still offered only in 6-packs because of how easily they get damaged when shipped in onesies and twosies.)

Secondly, the first of four technology upgrades is live today.  It’s a new product ordering interface… where everyone orders together in one place.  When consumers come to the site, they see the products at Retail prices.  When our wholesale friends shop, they see their 50% off Wholesale pricing. (You have to log in first, of course.) Too many of our wholesale friends have been stymied by the retail ordering page versus the wholesale ordering page.  Phooey.  Who says you need two different pages.  Enough is enough!  We fixed it.

Both of these changes are designed to make your life easier, and help your indie business prosper.  

We are here for you. We are listening. We’re learning. We couldn’t care more. We’re pushing ourselves towards greater personal growth in order to achieve the results that your faith in us inspires us to fulfill.

There’s so much more coming your way.  Some small things. Some large things. All good things.

The work we’re doing together has never been more important, so keep the feedback coming.  We want it all.  It’s making us better.

Transform your thinking. Cause the possibilities.