Six Questions We Are Frequently Asked. And Our Answers.

Q:  Can CULT+KING products be used on keratin-treated hair?

A:  When you have Keratin-treated hair, you want to avoid salt and sulfates. We do not use sulfates in our products, but our JELLY and STYLE contain salt, so they should be avoided. Everything else is Keratin-safe. And BTW, none of our products contain Keratin.

Q:  I have long, fine hair. Which product would most benefit me in creating volume and texture?

A: To answer your question, undoubtedly, the one product for you is JELLY.  It’s three salts in an organic banana juice suspension so it doesn’t dry you out and doesn’t add weight.  JELLY delivers hold and texture without all the yucky ingredients in so many products.


You can use JELLY as a root booster; add in your hair for a blowout (careful, just a little bit of JELLY needed, it’s powerful); or apply it all over and scrunch then air dry.  You can get some great texture and some really big hair.  JELLY also micro-doses you with Magnesium, a mineral we are all deficient in, which is said to help with sleep, well-being, and nerve function.

HAIR POWDER may be another good idea for you. Quick tip:  Don’t wait until your hair is dirty to use it. Apply HAIR POWDER when your hair is clean and dry to keep your style longer. That’s what the Victorians did. The sebum from your scalp goes into the HAIR POWDER instead of your hair.  We bet you can go a week between shampoos; the record for one of our users is 37 days.

Q:  Do you have promo codes, discounts, or website sales events? When is your Black Friday Sale?

A:  We don’t do any of these things. The reason is that there are scores of little indie businesses in towns across America that have bought our products and are retailing them at full price. We don’t want to undercut them by discounting the very same products on our website that they are stocking on their shelves. If you’re looking for a deal on CULT+KING products, you might be able to find a local retailer who is offering a limited-time savings event. Don’t bother looking on Amazon. CULT+KING is NOT available there.

Q:  You say that CULT+KING products including WASH don’t contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate).  Why should I avoid SLS?

A: Here are ten reasons for avoiding SLS in soaps and shampoos

  1. SLS is a skin irritant, widely used to irritate skin in order to test products used to heal skin conditions.
  2. SLS is actually a pesticide and herbicide commonly used to dehydrate and kill insects and plants.
  3. SLS was denied approval as a pesticide for organic gardening due to its polluting properties and environmental damage. SLS pollutes groundwater, is toxic to fish and can bioaccumulate in the bodies of fish and other aquatic animals.
  4. Toxic Sodium Oxides and Sulfur Oxides are released when SLS is heated.
  5. SLS is corrosive to the fats and proteins that make up skin and muscle, according to the American College of Toxicity.
  6. SLS has the potential for long-term permeation of cells and tissues of the eyes, brain, heart, and liver.
  7. It is an eye irritant linked to cataracts in adults, and inhibiting the proper formation of eyes in small children.
  8. May contain traces of nitrates and toxic solvents used in its manufacturing process.
  9. The SLS manufacturing process is highly polluting.
  10. SLS is a penetration enhancer that helps other chemicals cross the membranes of your body’s cells.

Q:  Where are CULT+KING haircare products made?

A:  All of our formulations are compounded and kitted in the USA — in the Pacific Northwest, Utah, Montana and Idaho. All shipping is done our of our headquarters in Park City, Utah.

Q:  Can CULT+KING products containing essential oils be used during pregnancy and nursing?

A:  In an abundance of caution, we do not recommend that any products containing essential oils be used by pregnant or nursing mothers, on newborns, or on children up to age 6.

We recognize that many individuals, companies, and institutions suggest otherwise.  We take the most cautious, science-based approach.  Essential oils are wonderful and they contribute intrinsically to the performance of CULT+KING products. To grown adults, they can offer amazing benefits. The challenge is that humans without fully grown livers and other organs can’t process them as well as adults.  So we would recommend against using C+K products containing essential oils when pregnant or for small children.

Our point of view on essential oils is informed by the research findings and safety guidelines published by Johns Hopkins University, and by our own coursework at The Tisserand Institute, the gold standard of essential oil safety.

That said, please also keep in mind we are just a bunch of stylists over here and not medical professionals so this is not meant as medical advice by any means.

The second edition (2014) of Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young–our “bible” on the subject of essential oils–includes this list of  “Essential oils that should be avoided by any route through pregnancy and lactation”:



Artemisia vestita


Birch (sweet)

Black seed



Carrot seed


Chaste tree

Cinnamon bark


Cypress blue

Dill seed (Indian)

Fennel (bitter)

Fennel (sweet)




Ho leaf



Lavender (Spanish)





Parsley leaf




Sage (Dalmatian)

Sage (Spanish)




Western red cedar



Yarrow (green)