We’re Excited to Announce: new CULT+KING® VEGAN BALM

Dear friends,

Since the day we launched CULT+KING BALM, people have been asking us for a Vegan version (without the organic beeswax, the only non-vegan ingredient in BALM). When we started formulating it, we anticipated that VEGAN BALM would be exactly like BALM in terms of look, feel, smell, viscosity, performance, etc. but with that one change.  As is often the case, the universe had other ideas.

Instead of a vegan substitute or replacement for BALM, we have a very different product with different strengths and features.

It checks off the boxes of solving some users’ “wish lists” for BALM:
  • No alcohol in the formulation.
  • High melt point so no melting or leaking in shipping EVER.
  • Vegan (no organic beeswax or any other non-vegan ingredient.)
  • Glass jar — and, wow, it is a stunner. Maybe the most beautiful package in our line-up.
  • Superior hairstyling capabilities, suitable even for fine hair.
  • Widely recyclable aluminum squeeze tube refill (coming soon).
It also brings some powerful new things to the conversation:
  • Conditioning olive oil fatty acids.
  • Gentle bio-based preservative system.
  • And the Show Stopper:  It’s a liquid crystal emulsion that mimics the lipidic composition of the skin for more absorbency and moisturizing without oiliness.
Here at C+K, we’re in love with them both.
  • Now we all have two jars on our vanities, bedside tables, desks, handbags, and kitchen counters.  The perfect BALM for every need…
  • Please compare for yourself.  WE CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR WHAT YOU THINK.

Click here for all the details.