The bottom line is what’s in the bottle.

It’s easy to get caught up in the gorgeous packaging, from the molded bottles to the fabulous patterned kraft paper tubes.  It’s just plain inspiring and irresistible.  And then there’s the sustainability of the bamboo, and the planet-conscious refills.

You can obsess over our donation of 1% of all gross sales to environmental causes through our membership in One Percent for the Planet.  And the utter absence of plastic bottles from our product line. Or our commitment to help end throwaway culture.

Then there’s the no animal testing, the vegan, the gluten-free, the petroleum-free, and the water-lessness of our products to focus on  And pure natural botanical ingredients with no synthetic chemicals whatsoever.  There’s our championing of small independent business, our no-Amazon policy, the HELLA AWESOME program that shares our online retail sales with the local independent businesses that comprise our authorized retailers.

We are just awash in causes and ethos and manifestos, and constantly trying to question everything to come up with the right formula to building a company we can feel proud of.

Everything mentioned above are important and meaningful aspects of CULT+KING.

But the bottom line is …  what’s in the bottle is best-in-class. Period.  It would still be amazing if it came in honking hideous plastic bottles with embedded rainbow glitter.  It would offer the same amazing results if we packaged it in metal drums inside of clear plastic cases packed with tiny rubber duckies.

But we’re not going to do that.  Because that’s not the kind of company we’re building, and not the message we’re trying to spread far and wide.

Just remember that the product’s the thing with CULT+KING.  The bottom line is what’s inside the bottles and jars.  That’s where we really shine.

The rest is just beautiful details.