What people are saying about CULT+KING.

“I began using TONIK about 10 weeks ago and both my scalp and hair feel healthier than they have in several years. Having tried quite a few other products over time, this is the only one that has made a huge and positive difference. I am beyond pleased! Seeing such a difference has spurred me on to try C+K’s other products. Having reached out to them recently  through email, I couldn’t believe how fast (minutes) they replied. Excellent customer service for sure! Plus the bottles (refillable) are really stunning looking, they will look great on anyone’s counter.”
Laura (Facebook Review)

“So my favorite salon started carrying your products and I was skeptical at first, but had been made a believer in your products. The TONIK is amazing and has completely transformed how my scalp feels. The BALM is such a fantastic multi-use product and has really made a difference on my skin. I think the most magical product though is probably the hair powder. I have super long hair and try not to wash it very often so I don’t dry out the ends, and this product allows me to do that. I love that it absorbs oil without leaving hair looking dull and lifeless.”
Victoria (Facebook Review)

“I’m a pretty skeptical person, but every CULT+KING product I try is amazing. You can’t tell I have any product in my hair cause it looks and feels natural. Also the closest shave of my life with [BALM].” 
Jonathan (Facebook Review)