We Ditched the Palm Oil.

Dear friends,

So many damn things.

Unspeakable wars. Extreme weather. Constant mass shootings. Women’s and LGBTQ rights in jeopardy. Paralyzing partisanship. Epidemic mental illness. A worldwide pandemic!  So much suffering and not a lot of people working together on solutions.

It’s a lot. For each and every one of us. Every day.

What to do? For us, it’s to keep focus, stay the course. Despite all these so many things, our original focus has lost no importance in the big picture of solutions:  Good for your body; pick planet before profit; put small business first; don’t be toxic.

So today we announce one small thing.  We ditched the Palm oil from our fantastic WASH. We have been using RSPO-certified palm oil, because we were trying to help strengthen the system for good, sustainable solutions. But we started hearing from you our users that maybe RSPO  certification was not what has purported to be, and as we investigated, we started to wonder too.

The WASH reformulation has resulted in a product that’s better than ever. We love it.

And despite all these “in your face” problems, rainforest deforestation is still important, and orangutan survival is still important.

It’s one small thing, but we’re pleased and proud to have done it.  We feel joy about it. And joy is still important too.

Thanks for all the small and large things you do every day. Never underestimate the difference you can make.

P.S. Special shout-out to Grace Anne Bradford, who reached out to us about this in the kindest but firmest way, and who started the ball rolling by “transforming OUR thinking”.  Thank you, Grace Anne.