We planted 1,782 trees in 2019 because of you.

Every year as a member of One Percent for the Planet®, CULT+KING donates 1% of gross sales to an environmental cause. That’s 1 penny of every single dollar you spend with us, and it adds up. This year, we have decided to plant 1,782 trees. But where should we plant them? We’re polling our customers, our followers and the public to make this tough decision. We’ve narrowed it down to three choices. The project with the highest number of votes wins. Voting ends May 21 when we announce the winner. Thank you for shopping CULT+KING this past year to make it possible. Earth is our home, and we love it.

CALIFORNIA | Fire Restoration Project | Yosemite National

COLORADO | Pine Beetle Infestation Recovery | Gunnison County

WASHINGTON STATE | Habitat Restoration for Chinook Salmon and Orca Whale Survival | Puget Sound

Make your selection, then scroll to the bottom to submit your vote.


  • Plant 1,782 Trees in Fire-Ravaged Areas of Beloved Yosemite.

    As one of the nation’s largest national parks, and arguably its most stunningly beautiful, Yosemite hosts 4.4 million visitors each year who come for adventure; solitude and serenity; and reconnection with family and friends. It is home to El Capitan, Half Dome and Glacier Point.

    “No temple made with human hands can compare with Yosemite,” said mountaineer John Muir, aka “John of the Mountains” and “Father of the National Parks,” an influential Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher, glaciologist, and early advocate for the preservation of wilderness in the U.S.

    In 2018’s devastating Ferguson Fire, 11,000 acres inside park boundaries were scorched.

    Vote for CALIFORNIA if you want CULT+KING to plant 1,782 trees in the fire-ravaged areas of Yosemite.


  • Plant 1,782 Trees in Gunnison County to Aid Recovery from Pine Beetle Infestation.

    It’s been called the largest forest insect blight ever seen in North America. Over the past 30 years, Colorado’s climate has become 2°F warmer, contributing to the beetle epidemic affecting 3.4 million acres of Colorado forests so far.

    Colorado’s 24.4 million acres of forests provide essential benefits to our entire nation, including supplying fresh water to 19 U.S. states. Even more, Colorado’s forests play a critical role in our entire country’s ability to deal with climate change, because trees in healthy forests store and absorb carbon that might otherwise end up in the atmosphere. Young and vigorously growing forests absorb the most carbon dioxide, while dead or burned trees release this greenhouse gas back into the atmosphere.

    The Pine Beetle outbreak in and of itself may have significant effects on the capability of northern forests to remove greenhouse gas (CO2) from the atmosphere on a national level.

    Vote for COLORADO if you want CULT+KING to plant 1,782 trees in Colorado forests to help replace the trees lost to beetle infestation and reduce greenhouse gases nationwide.


  • Plant 1,782 Trees In the Puget Sound Area to Save the Orca Whale.

    Two monarchs of the Pacific Northwest, Chinook salmon and southern resident Orcas, are struggling for survival after a century of habitat losses. Plant trees, save whales? Yes, it appears to be true.

    It’s been widely reported that many of the whales there are literally starving. Their bodies are taking on new shapes as their bodies eat their own whale fat to survive. What have whales in that part of the world been eating for centuries? Big, fat Chinook salmon. Each Orca eating hundreds of them each day.

    But because of the tremendous losses to fresh-water salmon streams, rivers and hospitable habitat, the Chinook salmon population is dramatically decreasing, as is the average size of a salmon. So there’s a fraction of the Orca food in the area that there used to be.

    To return the rivers and tributaries to the clean, beautiful, natural state they were decades ago, trees and other vegetation need to be planted along these waterways. Trees are an essential building block to changing this situation.

    Vote for WASHINGTON STATE if you want CULT+KING to plant 1,782 trees in the Puget Sound area to save Chinook salmon and Orca whales.


Thanks to everyone who voted.